b'Germ warfareGeology, Stratigraphic Geometry, SolidUse: Stratigraphic geology Use: Solid geometryGeomagnetic field GeophysicsUse: Geomagnetism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeomagnetism Dewey: 550Use For: Geological physics; Geology,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dynamic; Physics, Terrestrial;Dewey: 538 Terrestrial physicsUse For: EarthMagnetism; Earth Broader Term(s): Earth sciencesmagnetic field; Geomagnetic field PhysicsBroader Term(s): Geophysics Narrower Term(s):AurorasMagnetism GeomagnetismGeometric art Plate tectonicsUse: Abstract art GeopoliticsGeometric patterns Dewey: 320.1; 327.101Use: Patterns (Mathematics) Use For: Geography, Political; PoliticalgeographyGeometrical drawing Broader Term(s): International relationsDewey: 516; 604.2 Political scienceUse For: Mathematical drawing; Plans Related Term(s): BoundariesBroader Term(s): Drawing Human geographyGeometry World politicsNarrower Term(s):Descriptive geometry Georgia (Republic)Graphic methodsPerspective Dewey: 947.58Related Term(s): Mechanical drawing GeoscienceGeometry Use: Earth sciencesDewey: 516 GeologyBroader Term(s): Mathematics Geothermal resourcesNarrower Term(s):Analytic geometry Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCircle Dewey: 333.8Descriptive geometry Use For: Natural steam energy; ThermalFractals watersGeometrical drawing See Also: types of geothermal resources, e.g.Plane geometry Geysers [to be added as needed]Projective geometry Broader Term(s): GeochemistryRatio and proportion Ocean energy resourcesShape Renewable energy resourcesSingularities (Mathematics) Narrower Term(s):GeysersSolid geometrySquare GeriatricsTopology Use: Older peopleDiseasesTriangle Older peopleHealth andTrigonometry hygieneVolume (Cubic content)Germ theoryGeometry, Analytic Use: LifeOriginUse: Analytic geometryGerm theory of diseaseGeometry, Descriptive Dewey: 616Use: Descriptive geometry Use For: Disease germs; Germs; MicrobesGeometry, Plane Broader Term(s): Communicable diseasesUse: Plane geometry Germ warfareGeometry, Projective Use: Biological warfareUse: Projective geometry437'