b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGerman Democratic Republic zone, or the German DemocraticUse: Germany (East) Republic. Materials on GermanyGerman Federal Republic before or after the division of theUse: Germany (West) country following World War II andmaterials on East and WestGerman language Germany discussed collectively asDewey: 430 occupied zones or countries areScope Note: May be subdivided like English entered under Germany.language. Use For: East Germany; German DemocraticBroader Term(s): Language and languages Republic; Germany (DemocraticGerman literature Republic)Dewey: 830 Broader Term(s): GermanyScope Note: May use same subdivisions and Germany (Federal Republic)names of literary forms as for Use: Germany (West)English literature.Broader Term(s): Literature Germany (West)Dewey: 943.087German occupation of France, 1940-1945 Scope Note: Use for materials limited to theUse: FranceHistory1940-1945, western part of Germany from 1945German occupation to 1990, the American, British, andGerman occupation of Netherlands, 1940-1945 French occupation zones, or theGerman Federal Republic. MaterialsUse: NetherlandsHistoryon Germany before or after the1940-1945, German occupation division of the country followingGermany World War II and materials on EastDewey: 943 and West Germany discussedScope Note: Use for materials on Germany collectively as occupied zones orbefore or after the division of the countries are entered undercountry following World War II and Germany.for materials on East and West Use For: Federal Republic of Germany;Germany discussed collectively as German Federal Republic; Germanyoccupied zones or countries. (Federal Republic); West GermanyMaterials limited to the eastern part Broader Term(s): Germanyof Germany from 1945 to 1990, the GermanyHistoryRussian occupation zone, or the Dewey: 943German Democratic Republic, areentered under Germany (East). GermanyHistory0-1517Materials limited to the western part Dewey: 943of Germany from 1945 to 1990, theAmerican, British, and French GermanyHistory1517-1740occupation zones, or the German Dewey: 943Federal Republic, are entered under Narrower Term(s):Thirty Years War, 1618-1648Germany (West). May be GermanyHistory1740-1815subdivided like United States Dewey: 943except for History.Use For: Federal Republic of Germany GermanyHistory1815-1866Narrower Term(s):Germany (East) Dewey: 943Germany (West) GermanyHistory1848-1849, RevolutionGermany (Democratic Republic) Dewey: 943Use: Germany (East) GermanyHistory1866-1918Germany (East) Dewey: 943.08Dewey: 943 GermanyHistory1918-1933Scope Note: Use for materials limited to theeastern part of Germany from 1945 Dewey: 943.085to 1990, the Russian occupation438'