b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: names of specific crown Government ministriescorporations, e.g. Canada Post Use: Executive departmentsCorporation [to be added as Government officialsneeded] Use: Public officersNarrower Term(s):Canada Post CorporationGovernment ownershipGovernment debts Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Public debts Dewey: 333.1; 338.9Government departments Use For: Nationalization; Public ownership;Use: Executive departments Socialization of industry; StateownershipGovernment documents See Also: types of industries with theUse: Government publications subdivision Government ownership,e.g. Electric utilities Government employees Government ownership; whichUse: Civil service may be further subdividedGovernment health insurance geographically [to be added asUse: National health insurance needed]Broader Term(s): Economic policyGovernment housing Industrial policyUse: Public housing SocialismNarrower Term(s):Municipal ownershipGovernment investigations RailroadsGovernment policyUse: Governmental investigations Related Term(s): PrivatizationGovernment lending Government ownership of railroadsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: RailroadsGovernment policyDewey: 332.7; 354.8Broader Term(s): Domestic economic assistance Government policyEconomic policy Use: Buy national policyLoans Commercial policyPublic finance Cultural policyEconomic policyGovernment lendingCanada Energy policyDewey: 332.7; 354.8 Environmental policyUse For: CanadaGovernment lending Fiscal policyGovernment libraries Industrial policyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Labor policyDewey: 027.5 Medical policyScope Note: Use for materials on special libraries Military policymaintained by government funds. Monetary policyUse For: Federal libraries; Libraries, Social policyGovernmental Wage-price policyBroader Term(s): Special libraries Government procurementNarrower Term(s):National libraries Use: Government purchasingState librariesGovernment property, SurplusGovernment librariesCanada Use: Surplus government propertyDewey: 027.50971Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Government publicationsgovernment agency libraries, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyincluding those under provincial Dewey: 011; 015; 025.17jurisdiction. Use For: Documents; GovernmentUse For: CanadaGovernment libraries; documents; Official publications;Libraries, GovernmentalCanada Public documentsBroader Term(s): LibrariesCanada Broader Term(s): Library resourcesNarrower Term(s):Provincial libraries446'