b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGovernment investigations; Judicial Use For: CanadaGovernors general;investigations; Legislative CanadaHeads of state; Heads ofinvestigations stateCanadaBroader Term(s): Administration of justice See Also: names of Governors general [to beGovernmental investigationsCanada added as needed]Broader Term(s): StatesmenCanadaDewey: 328.3; 353.4Use For: CanadaGovernmental Governors generalCanadaMessagesinvestigations; CanadaDewey: 353.3Parliamentary investigations; Narrower Term(s):Speech from the Throne CanadaRoyal commissions; CanadaParliamentary investigationsGPS (Navigation system)Canada; Royal commissions Canada Use: Global Positioning SystemSee Also: names of royal commissions, e.g. Grace (Theology)Canada. Royal Commission on Dewey: 202; 234Bilingualism and Biculturalism; Broader Term(s): Doctrinal theologyRoyal Commission on Higher SalvationEducation in Ontario; etc. [to be Narrower Term(s):Sacramentsadded as needed] Spiritual giftsNarrower Term(s):Canada. Royal Commission onBilingualism and Biculturalism Grade repetitionRoyal Commission on Higher Use: Promotion (School)Education in Ontario Grade retentionGovernmental investigationsUnited States Use: Promotion (School)Dewey: 328.3; 353.4 Grade schoolsUse For: United StatesGovernmental Use: Elementary schoolsinvestigationsGovernments in exile Grading and marking (Education)Use names of wars with the subdivision Governments Dewey: 371.27in exile, e.g. World War, 1939-1945Use For: Grading and marking (Students);Governments in exile [to be added as needed] Marking and grading (Education);StudentsGrading and markingGovernor Generals Literary Awards Broader Term(s): Educational tests andDewey: 810; 840 measurementsBroader Term(s): Literary prizesCanada Narrower Term(s):Ability grouping in educationPromotion (School)Governors Related Term(s): School reportsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 352.23; 920 Grading and marking (Students)Broader Term(s): State governments Use: Grading and marking (Education)GovernorsCanada Graduate Record ExaminationDewey: 920; 971 Dewey: 378.1Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Use For: GREgovernors whose office existed in Broader Term(s): Colleges and universities Canada prior to Confederation. Entrance examinationsUse For: CanadaGovernors ExaminationsGovernors generalCanada Graduate Record ExaminationStudy guidesDewey: 353.3; 920 Dewey: 378.1Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadas Graduates, Collegegovernors general since Use: College graduatesConfederation. The subdivisionsunder PresidentsUnited States Graduationmay be used, when appropriate, Use: Commencementsunder this heading.448'