b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGrease Great BritainHistory1399-1485, LancasterUse: Lubrication and lubricants and YorkOils and fats Dewey: 941.04Great books program Great BritainHistory1455-1485, Wars of theUse: Discussion groups RosesGreat Britain Dewey: 941.04Dewey: 941 Use For: Wars of the Roses, 1455-1485Scope Note: Use for materials on the United Great BritainHistory1485-1603, TudorsKingdom of Great Britain and Dewey: 941.05Northern Ireland, which comprises Narrower Term(s):Spanish Armada, 1588England, Scotland, Wales, andNorthern Ireland, as well as for Great BritainHistory1603-1714, Stuartsmaterials on the island of Great Dewey: 941.06Britain. May be subdivided like Great BritainHistory1642-1660, Civil WarUnited States except for History.Materials limited to one of the and Commonwealthconstituent parts of the United Dewey: 941.06Kingdom, apart from materials Use For: Civil WarEngland;relating to history or politics and Commonwealth of Englandgovernment, are entered under that Great BritainHistory1714-1837part, e.g. England. Dewey: 941.07Narrower Term(s):England Narrower Term(s):JacobitesGreat BritainAntiquities War of 1812Dewey: 942.01 Great BritainHistory1853-1856, Crimean WarNarrower Term(s):Stonehenge (England) Use: Crimean War, 1853-1856Great BritainColonies Great BritainHistory1945-1952Dewey: 325 Dewey: 941.085Use For: British EmpireBroader Term(s): Colonies Great BritainHistory1952-Related Term(s): Commonwealth countries Dewey: 941.085Great BritainHistory Great BritainHistory19th centuryDewey: 941 Dewey: 941.081Use For: EnglandHistory; English history Related Term(s): Industrial revolutionGreat BritainHistory0-1066 Great BritainHistory20th centuryDewey: 941.01 Dewey: 941.082Narrower Term(s):Anglo-SaxonsCelts Great BritainHistory21st centuryDewey: 941.086Great BritainHistory1066-1154, Normanperiod Great BritainKings and rulersDewey: 941.02 Dewey: 920; 941.092Narrower Term(s):Domesday book Use For: Great BritainKings, queens,Hastings (East Sussex, England), rulers, etc.Battle of, 1066 Broader Term(s): Kings and rulersNormans Great BritainKings, queens, rulers, etc.Great BritainHistory1066-1485, Medieval Use: Great BritainKings and rulersperiod Great BritainPrime ministersDewey: 941.03 Use: Prime ministersGreat BritainNarrower Term(s):Hundred Years War, 1339-1453Great BritainQueensGreat BritainHistory1154-1399, Plantagenets Use: QueensGreat BritainDewey: 941.03Narrower Term(s):Magna Carta452'