b'GreedGreat Depression, 1929-1939 GreeceDescription and travel0-323Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 913.8Dewey: 338.5; 909.82 Scope Note: Use for descriptive materials onUse For: Business depression, 1929-1939 ancient Greece including accountsBroader Term(s): Depressions by travelers of ancient times.Economic conditions Use For: Ancient GreeceDescription;Great Wall of China GreeceDescription0-323Dewey: 951 GreeceGeographyGreece Dewey: 914.95Scope Note: Use for materials on the geographyDewey: 938; 949.5 of modern Greece. Materials on theScope Note: May be subdivided like United geography of ancient Greece areStates except for History. entered under GreeceHistoricalGreeceAntiquities geography.Dewey: 938 Broader Term(s): GeographyBroader Term(s): Classical antiquities Narrower Term(s):GreeceHistorical geographyNarrower Term(s):Delphi (Extinct city) GreeceHistorical geographyGreeceBiography Dewey: 911; 913.8Dewey: 920.038; 920.0495 Use For: Classical geographyUse For: Classical biography Broader Term(s): Ancient geographyBroader Term(s): Biography GreeceGeographyHistorical geographyGreeceCivilization GreeceHistoryDewey: 938Scope Note: Use for materials on the civilization Dewey: 938; 949.5of Greece, ancient and modern. GreeceHistory0-323Materials on the spread of Greek Dewey: 938civilization throughout the ancient Use For: Ancient Greece; Greece, Ancientworld following the conquests ofAlexander the Great are entered GreeceHistory1453-under Hellenism. Materials on both Dewey: 949.5ancient Greek and Roman Use For: Greece, Moderncivilizations are entered under GreeceHistory1967-1974Classical civilization. Dewey: 949.507Use For: Civilization, Greek; Greekcivilization GreeceHistory1974-Broader Term(s): Classical civilization Dewey: 949.507Narrower Term(s):HellenismGreeceHistory20th centuryGreeceDescription Dewey: 949.507Use: GreeceDescription and travelGreeceHistory323-1453GreeceDescription0-323 Dewey: 949.5Use: GreeceDescription and travel Use For: Medieval Greece 0-323Greece, AncientGreeceDescription and travel Use: GreeceHistory0-323Dewey: 914.95Scope Note: Use for descriptive materials on Greece, Modernmodern Greece, including materials Use: GreeceHistory1453-for travelers. Descriptive materials Greedon ancient Greece, includingaccounts by travelers in ancient Dewey: 178times, are entered under GreeceScope Note: Use for materials on any excessiveDescription and travel0-323. desire for food, personalUse For: GreeceDescription possessions, etc. Materials on an453'