b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsGuidance counseling, Educational GuitarUse: Educational counseling Use: GuitarsGuidance counseling, School Guitar musicUse: School counseling Dewey: 787.87Guidance, Vocational Broader Term(s): Instrumental musicUse: Vocational guidance GuitarsGuide dogs Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 787.87Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: GuitarDewey: 636.7 Broader Term(s): Stringed instrumentsUse For: Dog guides; Dogs for the blind; Narrower Term(s):Air guitarSeeing eye dogs Electric guitarBroader Term(s): Animals and people withdisabilities GuitarsMethodsWorking dogs Dewey: 787.87Guidebooks Broader Term(s): MusicMethodsUse names of countries, states, provinces, cities (except GuitarsMethods (Jazz)for ancient cities), natural areas, buildings, structures, Dewey: 787.87or activities with the subdivision Guidebooks, e.g. Broader Term(s): Jazz musicUnited StatesGuidebooks; OhioGuitarsStudy and teachingGuidebooks; CN Tower (Toronto, Ont.)Dewey: 787.87Guidebooks; Automobile travelGuidebooks; Broader Term(s): MusicStudy and teachingetc. [to be added as needed]GuidebooksCanada Gulf States (U.S.)Use: CanadaGuidebooks Dewey: 976Broader Term(s): United StatesGuided missiles Gulf War, 1991Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Persian Gulf War, 1991Dewey: 358.1; 623.4Use For: Missiles, Guided Gums and resinsSee Also: types of missiles and names of Dewey: 547; 668specific missiles [to be added as Use For: Resins; Rosinneeded] Broader Term(s): Forest productsBroader Term(s): Bombs Industrial chemistryProjectiles PlasticsRocketryRockets (Aeronautics) Gun controlNarrower Term(s):Antimissile missiles Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBallistic missiles Dewey: 323.4; 344.05; 363.33Nike rocket Scope Note: Use for materials about existinglaws governing the purchase and useGuides, Teachers of firearms and for materials aboutUse: Teachers guides the political controversy overGuilt limiting legal access to firearms andDewey: 152.4 stopping the traffic in illegalBroader Term(s): Conscience firearms.Emotions Use For: Control of guns; Firearms Ethics Control; FirearmsLaw andGood and evil legislation; Firearms control; GunsSinControl; Handgun control; RightRelated Term(s): Shame to bear armsBroader Term(s): LawGuinevere (Legendary character) LegislationDewey: 398.22 Gun violenceBroader Term(s): Legendary characters Use: Shootings (Crime)458'