b'Haida languageGundamDewey: 741.5 HBroader Term(s): Fictional robotsManga Habeas corpusMecha Dewey: 347Broader Term(s): Civil rightsGunpowder Constitutional lawGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Criminal procedureDewey: 623.4 Martial lawUse For: Powder, Smokeless; Smokelesspowder HabitBroader Term(s): Explosives Dewey: 152.3Guns Broader Term(s): Human behaviorRelated Term(s): Ammunition PsychologyNarrower Term(s):Oral habitsGuns Tobacco habitGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): InstinctDewey: 623.4; 739.7Use For: Firearms; Small arms HabitantsSee Also: types of guns [to be added as Dewey: 971.01; 971.4needed] Broader Term(s): French-speaking CanadiansBroader Term(s): Weapons Related Term(s): Seigniorial tenureNarrower Term(s):Gunpowder Habitat (Ecology)Handguns Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRifles Dewey: 577; 591.7Shotguns See Also: types of ecology, e.g. MarineRelated Term(s): Ammunition ecology; and types of animals,Ordnance plants, and crops with theShooting subdivision Ecology, e.g. Fishes GunsControl Ecology [to be added as needed]Use: Gun control Broader Term(s): EcologyGunsmithing HabitationsUse: Firearms industry Use types of animals with the subdivision Habitations,for materials on the natural shelters and homesGymnastics animals build for themselves, such as burrows, dens,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically lairs, etc., e.g. BeaversHabitations [to be addedDewey: 613.7; 796.44 as needed]Use For: CalisthenicsBroader Term(s): Athletics Habitations of domestic animalsExercise Use: Animal housingSports Habitations of wild animalsRelated Term(s): Acrobats and acrobaticsPhysical education Use: AnimalsHabitationsGynecology Habitations, HumanUse: WomenDiseases Use: HousingWomenHealth and hygiene Habits of animalsGypsies Use: Animal behaviorUse: Romanies HadesGypsum Use: HellDewey: 553.6 Haida (First Nations people)Broader Term(s): Minerals Dewey: 970.004Gyroscope Haida languageDewey: 629.135; 681 Dewey: 497Broader Term(s): Aeronautical instruments Broader Term(s): First Nations languages459'