b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsHaiku Halleys cometDewey: 808.1; 808.81 Dewey: 523.6Scope Note: Use for collections of haiku by one Broader Term(s): Cometsor several authors or for materials Hallmarksabout haiku.Broader Term(s): Poetry Dewey: 739.2Use For: Marks; Marks on plateHair See Also: types of things with identifyingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically marks, other than plate, with theDewey: 612.7; 646.7 subdivision Marks, e.g. Pottery Scope Note: Use for general materials on hair as Marks [to be added as needed]well for as materials on hairdressing Broader Term(s): Plateand haircutting.Use For: Barbering; Coiffure; Haircutting; HalloweenHairdressing; Hairstyles; Hairstyling Dewey: 394.2646Broader Term(s): Head Use For: All Hallows EvePersonal grooming Broader Term(s): HolidaysNarrower Term(s):Braids (Hairstyling) Hallucinations and illusionsWigs Dewey: 616.85; 616.89Haircutting Use For: Delusions; IllusionsUse: Hair Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologyParapsychologyHairdressing SubconsciousnessUse: Hair VisionsHairstyles Narrower Term(s):Optical illusionsUse: Hair Related Term(s): ApparitionsFantasyHairstyling MagicUse: Hair Magic tricksPersonality disordersHaitiDewey: 972.94 Hallucinogenic drugsUse: HallucinogensHalalUse: IslamDietary laws Hallucinogenic plantsUse: HallucinogensHalal foodGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically HallucinogensDewey: 641.5 Dewey: 615Related Term(s): IslamDietary laws Use For: Consciousness expanding drugs;Hallucinogenic drugs;Halftone process Hallucinogenic plantsUse: Photoengraving See Also: types of hallucinogens [to be addedHalfway houses as needed]Broader Term(s): DrugsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Psychotropic drugsDewey: 362; 365 StimulantsScope Note: Use for materials on centers for Narrower Term(s):LSD (Drug)formerly institutionalizedindividuals, such as mental patients Ham radio stationsor drug addicts, that are designed to Use: Amateur radio stationsfacilitate their readjustment toprivate life. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Football team)Broader Term(s): Correctional institutions Dewey: 796.335Group homes Use For: Tiger-Cats (Football team)Broader Term(s): Canadian footballHalitosisUse: Bad breath Hand shadowsUse: Shadow pictures460'