b'Happening (Art)Hand weaving Picture frames and framingUse: Weaving Plastics craftHandbags Polymer clay craftDewey: 391.4; 685 Ribbon workUse For: Pocketbooks (Handbags); Purses Rubber stamp printingBroader Term(s): Bags ScrapbookingToy makingHandbooks, manuals, etc. WeavingUse subjects, classes of persons, and names of places, Wire craftcorporate bodies, individual literary authors, and Related Term(s): Arts and crafts movementsacred works with the subdivision Handbooks, Craft showsmanuals, etc., e.g. PhotographyHandbooks, Creative activitiesmanuals, etc.; United States. ArmyDecoration and ornamentHandbooks, manuals, etc. [to be added as needed] Decorative artsHandedness Folk artHobbiesUse: Left- and right-handedness Occupational therapyHandgun control Handling of materialsUse: Gun control Use: Materials handlingHandguns HandwritingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 652Dewey: 683.4 Scope Note: Use for materials on writing with aUse For: Pistols; Revolvers pen or pencil and for practical orBroader Term(s): Guns prescriptive guides to penmanship.Handheld computers General materials on the history andUse: Portable computers art of writing are entered underWriting. Materials on handwritingHandicapped as an expression of thewritersUse: People with disabilities character are entered underHandicapped children Graphology.Use: Children with disabilities Use For: Legibility of handwriting;Penmanship; WritingStudy andHandicaps teachingUse: Disabilities Broader Term(s): WritingNarrower Term(s):CalligraphyHandicraft GraphologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Writing of numeralsDewey: 745.5; 746Scope Note: Use for materials on creative work Hang glidingdone by hand, sometimes with the Use: Gliding and soaringaid of simple tools or machines. HangingUse For: Arts and crafts; Crafts (Arts) Use: Capital punishmentSee Also: types of handicrafts [to be added asneeded] Hansens diseaseBroader Term(s): Arts Use: LeprosyNarrower Term(s):BeadworkChair caning HanukkahCollage Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyEgg decoration Dewey: 296.4; 394.267Furniture finishing Use For: Chanukah; Feast of Dedication;Hooked rugs Feast of LightsIndustrial arts Broader Term(s): Jewish holidaysLeather work Happening (Art)Models and modelmaking Use: Performance artNature craftPaper crafts461'