b'Health, IndustrialBroader Term(s): Counseling Health policyHealth education Use: Medical policyHealth education Health professionsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Medical personnelDewey: 372.37 Health program evaluationUse For: HealthStudy and teaching; Use: Public healthEvaluationHygieneStudy and teachingBroader Term(s): Education Health recordsHealth Use: Medical recordsNarrower Term(s):Drug education Health reformHealth counseling Use: Health care reformSchool hygieneRelated Term(s): ChildrenHealth and hygiene Health resortsSchool nurses Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHealth examinations Dewey: 613Use: Periodic health examinations Use For: Health resorts, spas, etc.; Healthspas; Spas; Watering placesHealth facilities Broader Term(s): ResortsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): HydrotherapyDewey: 362.11 Health resorts, spas, etc.Use For: Clinics; Health care facilities; Use: Health resortsMedical care facilitiesBroader Term(s): Medical care Health sciences personnelPublic health Use: Medical personnelHealth foods Health self-careUse: Natural foods Dewey: 613; 616Health insurance Use For: Health care, Self; Medical self-care;Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Self health care; Self-care, Health;Dewey: 368.38 Self-care, Medical;Use For: Group medical service; Insurance, Self-examination, Medical;Health; Medical insurance Self-help medical care;Broader Term(s): Insurance Self-medicationNarrower Term(s):Health maintenance organizations Broader Term(s): Alternative medicineHospitalization insurance HealthNational health insurance Medical careWorkers compensation Narrower Term(s):First aidRelated Term(s): Health care reform Physical fitnessRelated Term(s): Holistic medicineHealth insuranceCanada Popular medicineDewey: 368.38 Health services accessibilityUse For: CanadaHealth insurance Use: Access to health careNarrower Term(s):National health insurance Canada Health services personnelHealth maintenance organizations Use: Medical personnelGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Health spasDewey: 362.1; 368.38; 610.6 Use: Health resortsUse For: Comprehensive health care Physical fitness centersorganizations; Group medicalpractice, Prepaid; HMOs; Prepaid Health system reformgroup medical practice Use: Health care reformBroader Term(s): Health insurance Health, IndustrialMedical practice Use: Occupational health and safetyHealth personnelUse: Medical personnel465'