b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsHealths, Drinking of Use For: Open heart surgeryUse: Toasts Broader Term(s): SurgeryHearing HeartSurgeryNursingDewey: 152.1; 612.8 Dewey: 617.4Use For: Acoustics Broader Term(s): NursingBroader Term(s): Senses and sensationSound HeartTransplantationNarrower Term(s):Hearing in animals Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Deafness Dewey: 617.4Ear Broader Term(s): Transplantation of organs, tissues,Listening etc.Hearing aids Heart attackDewey: 617.8 Dewey: 616.1Broader Term(s): Deafness Use For: HeartInfarction; MyocardialNarrower Term(s):Cochlear implants infarctionHearing ear dogs Broader Term(s): Heart diseasesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Heart diseaseDewey: 636.7 Use: Heart diseasesUse For: Dogs for the deafBroader Term(s): Animals and people with Heart diseasesdisabilities Dewey: 616.1DeafMeans of communication Use For: Cardiac diseases; Coronary diseases;Working dogs HeartDiseases; Heart diseaseBroader Term(s): DiseasesHearing impaired Narrower Term(s):Angina pectorisDewey: 362.4; 617.8 Heart attackUse For: Hard-of-hearing; Partial hearing;Partially hearing Heart diseasesPreventionBroader Term(s): People with physical disabilities Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Deaf Dewey: 616.1Broader Term(s): Preventive medicineHearing in animalsDewey: 573.8 Heart resuscitationUse For: AnimalsHearing Use: Cardiac resuscitationBroader Term(s): Hearing HeatSenses and sensation in animals Dewey: 536Heart Broader Term(s): Electromagnetic wavesDewey: 573.1; 611; 612.1 Narrower Term(s):SteamBroader Term(s): Cardiovascular system ThermometersNarrower Term(s):Artificial heart Related Term(s): CombustionFireHeartAnatomy TemperatureDewey: 573.1; 611 ThermodynamicsBroader Term(s): AnatomyHeatConductionHeartDiseases Dewey: 536Use: Heart diseasesHeatTransmissionHeartInfarction Dewey: 536Use: Heart attackHeat enginesHeartPhysiology Dewey: 621.402Dewey: 612.1 Use For: Hot air enginesBroader Term(s): Physiology Broader Term(s): EnginesHeartSurgery ThermodynamicsDewey: 617.4466'