b'HellenismHeat insulating materials Broader Term(s): Language and languagesUse: Insulation (Heat)Heat pumps Hebrew literatureDewey: 621.4 Dewey: 892.4Broader Term(s): Pumping machinery Scope Note: May use same subdivisions andThermodynamics names of literary forms as forEnglish literature.Heating Use For: JewsLiteratureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): LiteratureDewey: 644; 697 Narrower Term(s):BibleSee Also: subjects with the subdivision CabalaHeating and ventilation, e.g. Houses Talmud Heating and ventilation [to be Related Term(s): Jewish literatureadded as needed] HebrewsBroader Term(s): Home economics Use: JewsNarrower Term(s):Electric heatingFireplaces HeirsFurnaces Use: Inheritance and successionHot air heatingHot water heating Helen of Troy (Legendary character)HousesHeating and ventilation Dewey: 398.22Insulation (Heat) Broader Term(s): Legendary charactersOil burners HelicoptersRadiant heating Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySolar heating Dewey: 387.7; 629.133Space heaters Use For: AircraftSteam heating Broader Term(s): AeronauticsStoves AirplanesRelated Term(s): FuelVentilation HelicoptersPilotingHeating and ventilation Dewey: 629.132Use types of buildings with the subdivision Heating Broader Term(s): AirplanesPilotingand ventilation, e.g. HousesHeating and Heliportsventilation [to be added as needed] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHeaven Dewey: 387.7Broader Term(s): AirportsDewey: 202; 236Broader Term(s): Eschatology HeliumFuture life Dewey: 546Narrower Term(s):Angels Broader Term(s): Chemical elementsRelated Term(s): Paradise GasesHeavy metal (Music) HellDewey: 781.66 Dewey: 202; 236Scope Note: Use for individual works, Use For: Eternal punishment; Hadescollections, or materials about heavy Broader Term(s): Eschatologymetal music. Future lifeUse For: Metal (Music)Broader Term(s): Rock music HellenismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHeavy water Dewey: 938Use: Deuterium oxide Scope Note: Use for materials on the spread ofHebrew language Greek civilization throughout theancient world following theDewey: 492.4 conquests of Alexander the Great.Scope Note: May be subdivided like English Materials limited to the civilizationlanguage. of Greece, ancient and modern, areUse For: Jewish language; JewsLanguage467'