b'Sears List of Subject Headingsentered under GreeceHerb gardeningCivilization. Materials on both Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyancient Greek and Roman Dewey: 635civilizations are entered under Broader Term(s): GardeningClassical civilization. Related Term(s): Herb gardensBroader Term(s): GreeceCivilization Herb gardensHelpful insects Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Beneficial insects Dewey: 635Related Term(s): Herb gardeningHelpfulness Herb remediesUse: Helping behavior Use: HerbsTherapeutic useHelping behavior Herbal medicineDewey: 158.3 Use: HerbsTherapeutic useUse For: Assistance in emergencies; Medical botanyBehavior, Helping; Emergencyassistance; Helpfulness HerbalsBroader Term(s): Human behavior Use: HerbsInterpersonal relations Materia medicaNarrower Term(s):CounselingEncouragement HerbariaRelated Term(s): Altruism Use: PlantsCollection andpreservationHelplessness (Psychology)Dewey: 155.2 HerbicidesBroader Term(s): Emotions Dewey: 632; 668Use For: Defoliants; Weed killersHemophilia See Also: types of herbicides, e.g. AgentDewey: 616.1 Orange [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): BloodDiseases Broader Term(s): Agricultural chemicalsHemp PesticidesDewey: 633.5; 677 Narrower Term(s):Agent OrangeBroader Term(s): Fibers Related Term(s): PlantsRelated Term(s): Rope Spraying and dustingHera (Greek deity) HerbivoresDewey: 202 Dewey: 591.5Broader Term(s): Gods and goddesses Use For: Plant-eating animalsBroader Term(s): AnimalsHeraldry HerbsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 581.6; 635Dewey: 929.6 Use For: HerbalsUse For: Coats of arms; Crests; Devices Broader Term(s): Plants(Heraldry); Emblems; Pedigrees Narrower Term(s):PotpourriBroader Term(s): ArcheologySigns and symbols HerbsTherapeutic useSymbolism Dewey: 615Narrower Term(s):Badges Use For: Herb remedies; Herbal medicine;Flags Medicinal herbsInsignia Broader Term(s): TherapeuticsMottoesSeals (Numismatics) Herculaneum (Extinct city)Related Term(s): Chivalry Dewey: 937Decorations of honor Broader Term(s): Extinct citiesItalyGenealogy ItalyAntiquitiesKnights and knighthood Hercules (Legendary character)National emblems Dewey: 398.22Nobility468'