b'Historical dramaSee Also: names of specific historic buildings Related Term(s): National monuments[to be added as needed] Historic sitesCanadaBroader Term(s): BuildingsCanadaDewey: 363.6; 917.1Historic buildingsChicago (Ill.) Use For: CanadaHistoric sitesDewey: 977.3 See Also: names of specific historic sites, e.g.Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Historic buildings Lower Fort Garry (Man.); etc. [toHistoric buildingsManitoba be added as needed]Dewey: 720.97127; 971.27 Historical atlasesUse For: ManitobaHistoric buildings Dewey: 911Historic buildingsOhio Use For: Historical geographyMaps;HistoryAtlases; Maps, HistoricalDewey: 977.1 Broader Term(s): AtlasesUse For: OhioHistoric buildings Related Term(s): Historical geographyHistoric buildingsUnited States Historical chronologyDewey: 973 Dewey: 902Use For: United StatesHistoric buildings Scope Note: Use for materials in which historicalHistoric buildingsVancouver (B.C.) events are arranged by date.Dewey: 720.9711; 971.1 Use For: Chronology, Historical; Dates,Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Historic Historical; HistoryChronologybuildings See Also: ethnic groups, corporate bodies,military services, topics notHistoric fortsCanada inherently historical, and names ofUse: FortificationCanada places with the subdivision HistoryHistoric housesChronology, e.g. NativeUse: Historic buildings AmericansHistory Chronology; United States Historic preservation HistoryChronology; and namesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of individual persons, wars, sacredDewey: 363.6 works, topics that are inherentlyScope Note: Use for materials on identifying and historical, and topics not subdividedpreserving historically important by History, such as art, music,towns, buildings, sites, etc. literture, etc., with the subdivisionMaterials on protecting cultural Chronology, e.g. Bible heritage property from theft, Chronology [to be added asmisappropriation, or exportation are needed]entered under Cultural propertyBroader Term(s): ChronologyProtection. HistoryUse For: Preservationism (Historic Historical dictionariespreservation) Use: HistoryDictionariesSee Also: types of objects, architecture, etc.,with the subdivision Conservation Historical dramaand restoration, e.g. TheatersDewey: 808.2; 808.82Conservation and restoration [to Scope Note: Use for individual works,be added as needed] collections, or materials aboutNarrower Term(s):TheatersConservation and historical drama.restoration Use For: Chronicle history (Drama);Related Term(s): Cultural propertyProtection Chronicle plays; History playsHistoric sites See Also: historical topics, events, orGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically personages with the subdivisionDewey: 363.6 Drama, e.g. United States Use For: Historical sites History1861-1865, Civil WarBroader Term(s): ArcheologyDrama; Napoleon I, EmperorHistory of the French, 1769-1821 Narrower Term(s):Historic buildings Drama [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Drama473'