b'HistoryDictionariesHistorical speculation are entered under Historiography.Use: Counterfactual histories Materials on past events themselvesHistorical tourism are entered under World history; orUse: Cultural tourism under the names of regions,countries, cities, etc., with theHistoriographers subdivision History.Use: Historians Use For: Social studiesHistoriography See Also: countries, states, etc., with theDewey: 907.2 subdivisions Antiquities; ForeignScope Note: Use for materials limited to the relations; History; or Politics andstudy and criticism of sources of government; and subjects with thehistory, methods of historical subdivision History, or, forresearch, and the writing of history. literature, film, and music headings,General materials on history as a History and criticism, e.g. Art science, including the principles of History; English literature history, the influence of various History and criticism [to be addedfactors on history, and the relation as needed]of the science of history to other Broader Term(s): Humanitiessubjects, are entered under History. Social sciencesMaterials on the interpretation and Narrower Term(s):Archeologymeaning of history and on the ArtHistorycourse of events and their resulting Biographyconsequences are entered under ChronologyHistoryPhilosophy. Church historyUse For: HistoryCriticism; HistoryConstitutional historyHistoriography Counterfactual historiesSee Also: subjects, wars, historical events, and Explorationnames of countries, cities, etc., with Genealogythe subdivision Historiography [to Historic sitesbe added as needed] Historical chronologyBroader Term(s): Authorship Historical geographyHistory Historical reenactmentsNarrower Term(s):HistorySources HistoriographyLocal history Local historyPhilosophyHistoriography MassacresUnited StatesHistoriography Military historyUnited StatesHistoryNaval history1861-1865, Civil WarNumismaticsHistoriography Oral historyRelated Term(s): Historians ScandalsSeals (Numismatics)History WomenHistoryDewey: 900 World historyScope Note: Use for general materials on history Related Term(s): Civilizationas a science, including the principles Historiansof history, the influence of various Historical fictionfactors on history, and the relation HistoryAtlasesof the science of history to other Use: Historical atlasessubjects. Materials on theinterpretation and meaning of HistoryChronologyhistory and on the course of events Use: Historical chronologyand their resulting consequences areentered under HistoryHistoryCriticismPhilosophy. Materials limited to the Use: Historiographystudy and criticism of sources of HistoryDictionarieshistory, methods of historical Dewey: 903research, and the writing of history475'