b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: Historical dictionaries bodies, and names of countries,Broader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionaries states, etc., with the subdivisionNarrower Term(s):United StatesHistoryHistorySources; e.g. UnitedDictionaries StatesHistorySources [to beHistoryHistoriography added as needed]Use: Historiography Broader Term(s): HistoriographyNarrower Term(s):ArchivesHistoryPeriodicals ChartersDewey: 905 History and criticismHistoryPhilosophy Use types of literature, music, and other arts with theDewey: 901 subdivision History and criticism, e.g. EnglishScope Note: Use for materials on the literatureHistory and criticism [to be added asinterpretation and meaning of needed]history and on the course of events History of doctrinesand their resulting consequences. Use religious topics with the subdivision History ofGeneral materials on history as a doctrines, e.g. SalvationHistory of doctrines [toscience, including the principles of be added as needed]history, the influences of variousfactors on history, and the relation History playsof the science of history to other Use: Historical dramasubjects, are entered under History.Materials limited to the study and History tourismcriticism of the sources of history, Use: Cultural tourismmethods of historical research, and History, Ancientthe writing of history are entered Use: Ancient historyunder Historiography.Use For: Philosophy of history History, BiblicalBroader Term(s): Philosophy Use: BibleHistory of biblicalHistoryReenactments eventsUse: Historical reenactments History, ChurchHistorySocieties Use: Church historyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically History, MilitaryDewey: 906 Use: Military historyUse For: Historical societiesBroader Term(s): Societies History, ModernNarrower Term(s):Chicago (Ill.)HistoryUse: Modern historySocieties History, Modern16th centuryOhioHistorySocieties Use: World history16th centuryUnited StatesHistory Societies History, Modern17th centuryHistorySources Use: World history17th centuryDewey: 900 History, Modern18th centuryScope Note: Use for collections of documents, Use: World history18th centuryrecords, and other source materialsupon which narrative history is History, Modern1945-based and for materials about such Use: World history1945-sources. History, Modern19th centurySee Also: historical subjects, periods of Use: World history19th centuryhistory, individual literary andsacred works, and names of wars History, Modern20th centurywith the subdivision Sources, e.g. Use: World history20th centuryWorld War, 1939-1945 Sources; and subjects, ethnic History, Modern21st centurygroups, classes of persons, coporate Use: World history21st century476'