b'Sears List of Subject Headingscultural events are entered under Mind and bodyFestivals. HollandUse For: Legal holidays; National holidaysSee Also: names of holidays [to be added as Use: Netherlandsneeded] Holmes, Sherlock (Fictional character)Broader Term(s): Days Dewey: 823Manners and customs Use For: Sherlock Holmes (FictionalNarrower Term(s):April Fools Day character)Chinese New Year Broader Term(s): Fictional charactersChristmasCinco de Mayo (Holiday) Holocaust denialColumbus Day Dewey: 940.53Day of the Dead Broader Term(s): Holocaust, 1939-1945Fathers Day Holocaust survivorsFourth of JulyHalloween Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyKwanzaa Dewey: 940.53Lincolns Birthday Scope Note: Use for materials on Jews whoMartin Luther King Day survived persecution orMemorial Day imprisonment under the Nazis.Mothers Day Accounts by Holocaust survivorsNew Year are entered under Holocaust,Religious holidays 1939-1945Personal narratives.Thanksgiving Day Broader Term(s): Holocaust, 1939-1945Valentines Day Holocaust, 1933-1945Veterans Day Use: Holocaust, 1939-1945Related Term(s): AnniversariesFestivals Holocaust, 1939-1945Vacations Dewey: 940.53HolidaysCanada Scope Note: Use for materials on the killing ofDewey: 394.26971 approximately six million JewsUse For: Canadian holidays during World War II by the NationalSee Also: names of specific holidays, e.g. Socialist regime in Germany.Use For: Holocaust, 1933-1945; Holocaust,Canada Day [to be added as Jewish (1939-1945); Jewishneeded] Holocaust (1933-1945)Narrower Term(s):Canada Day See Also: religious groups and classes ofChristmasCanada persons with the subdivision NaziRemembrance Day (Canada) persecution, e.g. People withSt. Jean Baptiste Day disabilitiesNazi persecution,Victoria Day and names of concentration campsHolidays, Hindu [to be added as needed]Use: Hindu holidays Broader Term(s): AntisemitismGermanyHistory1933-1945Holidays, Jewish JewsPersecutionsUse: Jewish holidays Narrower Term(s):Holocaust denialHolistic health Holocaust survivorsUse: Holistic medicine Jewish children in the HolocaustRighteous Gentiles in theHolistic medicine HolocaustGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): World War, 1939-1945JewsDewey: 610; 615.5 Holocaust, 1939-1945Personal narrativesUse For: Holistic health; Wholistic medicine Dewey: 920Broader Term(s): Alternative medicine Broader Term(s): AutobiographiesMedicineRelated Term(s): Health Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Health self-care Use: Holocaust, 1939-1945478'