b'Home children (Canadian immigrants)Holography Special weeksDewey: 774 Narrower Term(s):EasterUse For: Laser photography; Lensless Good FridayphotographyBroader Term(s): Laser recording HomePhotography Dewey: 306.8; 640Related Term(s): Three-dimensional photography Related Term(s): FamilyHolstein-Friesian cattle Home economicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Home accidentsDewey: 636.2 Dewey: 363.13Use For: Friesian cattle Broader Term(s): AccidentsBroader Term(s): Dairy cattle Narrower Term(s):First aidHoly communion Home and schoolUse: Eucharist Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHoly days Dewey: 371.19Use: Religious holidays Use For: School and homeBroader Term(s): EducationHoly Ghost Related Term(s): Parent-teacher associationsUse: Holy Spirit Parent-teacher relationshipHoly Grail Home birthUse: Grail Dewey: 618.4Use For: Childbirth at homeHoly Land Broader Term(s): ChildbirthUse: PalestineHome brewingHoly Office Dewey: 641.2Use: Inquisition Broader Term(s): BrewingHoly Roman Empire Home building industryDewey: 943 Use: Construction industryBroader Term(s): EuropeHistoryHome businessHoly Scriptures Use: Home-based businessUse: BibleHome buyingHoly See Use: HousesBuying and sellingUse: PapacyPopes Home careUse: Home care servicesHoly ShroudDewey: 232.96 Home care servicesUse For: Shroud of Turin; Shroud, Holy; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTurin Shroud Dewey: 362.14; 649.8Use For: Home care; Home health care;Holy Spirit Home medical care; Respite careDewey: 231 See Also: classes of persons with theUse For: Holy Ghost subdivision Home care, e.g. ElderlyBroader Term(s): GodChristianityHome care [to be added asTrinity needed]Related Term(s): Spiritual gifts Broader Term(s): Medical careHoly war (Islam) Narrower Term(s):Home nursingUse: Jihad Older peopleHome careRelated Term(s): CaregiversHoly Week Home children (Canadian immigrants)Dewey: 263 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Church year Dewey: 304.8; 325.71Lent479'