b'Headings to be Added by the CatalogerSears is not intended to be a complete list of subject headings but only a list of many of the mostcommonly used headings and a pattern for creating other headings as needed. Types of things andnames of individual things must always be added when they are not already provided in the List.The general references in the List explicitly instruct the cataloger to create headings in areas wherethe need for such additions is most obvious (such as under Flowers, where the general referencereads SA [See also] types of flowers, e.g. Roses {to be added as needed}). Where there is nogeneral reference the same instruction is implicit. Afurther discussion of adding headings can befound in the Principles of the Sears List. Some of the additional headings most likely to be neededare the following:Topical Subjects1. Types of common thingsfoods, tools, sports, musical instruments, etc.2. Types of plants and animalsfruits, flowers, birds, fishes, etc.3. Types of chemicals and minerals4. Types of enterprises and industries5. Types of diseases6. Names of organs and regions of the body7. Names of languages, language groups, and national literatures8. Names of ethnic groups and nationalities9. Names of wars, battles, treaties, etc.Geographic Headings1. Names of political jurisdictionscountries, states, cities, provinces, etc.2. Groups of states, groups of countries, alliances, etc.3. Names of geographic featuresregions, mountain ranges, island groups, individualmountains, individual islands, rivers, river valleys, oceans, lakes, etc.Names1. Personal namesindividual persons and families2. Corporate namesassociations, societies, government bodies, religious denominations,business firms, performing groups, colleges, libraries, hospitals, hotels, ships, etc.3. Uniform titlesanonymous literary works, newspapers, periodicals, sacred scriptures,motion pictures, etc.The Key Headings on the following page can be used as a guide in applying subdivisions toany similar headings. Subdivisions not provided for in the Sears List may also be established andused as needed.A-53'