b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsDomestic architecture House repairsNarrower Term(s):Earth sheltered houses Use: HousesMaintenance andHouse painting repairHousesRemodeling House sanitationLog cabins and houses Use: Household sanitationPrefabricated housesRelated Term(s): Houses House sellingUse: HousesBuying and sellingHouse decorationUse: Interior design House sharingUse: Shared housingHouse drainageDewey: 690 House trailersScope Note: Use for materials on house drainage. Use: Mobile homesMaterials on land drainage are Travel trailers and campersentered under Drainage. HouseboatsUse For: Drainage, House Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Household sanitation Dewey: 728.7Narrower Term(s):Sewerage Use For: House boatsRelated Term(s): Plumbing Broader Term(s): Boats and boatingHouse flies Household appliancesUse: Flies Use: Household equipment andHouse furnishing suppliesUse: Interior design Household appliances, ElectricHouse of Commons (Canada) Use: Electric household appliancesUse: Canada. Parliament. House of Household budgetsCommons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHouse of Medici Dewey: 640Use: Medici, House of Use For: Budgets, Household; Domesticfinance; Family budget; Finance,House of Representatives (U.S.) Household; Home economics Use: United States. Congress. House Accounting; Household financesHouse painting Broader Term(s): Cost and standard of livingDewey: 698 Personal financeBroader Term(s): House construction Household employeesRelated Term(s): Industrial painting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHouse plans Dewey: 640Use: Domestic architectureDesigns Use For: Domestic workers; Housemaids;and plans ServantsBroader Term(s): Home economicsHouse plants LaborDewey: 635.9 Household equipment and suppliesBroader Term(s): Cultivated plants Dewey: 643; 683Flower gardening Use For: Domestic appliances; HouseholdPlants appliances; Labor saving devices,Window gardening HouseholdRelated Term(s): Container gardening Broader Term(s): Home economicsIndoor gardening Implements, utensils, etc.House purchase Narrower Term(s):Electric household appliancesUse: HousesBuying and selling Kitchen utensilsHouse repairing Household financesUse: HousesMaintenance and Use: Cost and standard of livingrepair Household budgets486'