b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMaterials on the social and Housing needseconomic aspects of housing as it Use: Housingpertains to specific ethnic groups or Housing projects, Governmentclasses of persons are entered under Use: Public housingthat group or class of persons withthe subdivision Housing. Materials Housing, Cooperativeon the residential buildings of ethnic Use: Cooperative housinggroups or classes of persons from Houston (Tex.)Baseball Club (National League)the standpoint of architecture, Use: Houston Astros (Baseball team)construction, or ethnology areentered under the name of the ethnic Houston Astros (Baseball team)group or class of persons with the Dewey: 796.357subdivision Dwellings. Use For: Astros (Baseball team); HoustonUse For: Affordable housing; Dwellings; (Tex.)Baseball Club (NationalHabitations, Human; Housing League)needs; Urban housing Broader Term(s): Baseball teamsSee Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons,and domestic animals with the Hovercraftsubdivision Housing; e.g. Native Use: Air-cushion vehiclesAmericansHousing; People How to start a businesswith physical disabilitiesUse: New business enterprisesHousing; etc. [to be added asneeded] How to studyBroader Term(s): Houses Use: Study skillsLandlord and tenantNarrower Term(s):African AmericansHousing How-to-stop-smoking programsApartment houses Use: Smoking cessation programsAssisted living HTML (Document markup language)BlacksHousing Dewey: 006.7Cooperative housing Use For: HyperText Markup LanguageDiscrimination in housing (Document markup language)Homelessness Broader Term(s): Programming languagesLaborHousingMobile homes Hubble Space TelescopeNative AmericansHousing Dewey: 522Older peopleHousing Broader Term(s): TelescopesPeople with physical disabilities Housing Hudson River (N.Y. and N.J.)BridgesPublic housing Use: BridgesHudson River (N.Y.Shared housing and N.J.)Timesharing (Real estate) Hudsons Bay CompanyUrban homesteading Dewey: 338.3; 971.01Related Term(s): City planning Scope Note: Use for materials on the companyHousingCanada from the time of its charter in 1670Dewey: 307.3; 363.5 up to the present. Materials on theNarrower Term(s):Public housingCanada North West Company, from itsRelated Term(s): City planningCanada beginnings in 1776 up to itsabsorption into the Hudsons BayHousing estates Company in 1821, are entered underUse: Planned communities North West Company.Housing for older people Broader Term(s): Fur tradeCanadaUse: Older peopleHousing Related Term(s): North West CompanyHousing for people with physical disabilities HuggingUse: People with physical disabilities Dewey: 158; 302.2; 395 Housing Use For: Embracing; HugsBroader Term(s): Manners and customs488'