b'Human beingsNonverbal communication Use For: Behavior; Morals; Social behaviorTouch Broader Term(s): CharacterHugo Award PsychologySocial sciencesDewey: 808.3 Narrower Term(s):Aggressiveness (Psychology)Broader Term(s): Literary prizes Bad behaviorScience fiction Behavior modificationHugs BehaviorismUse: Hugging CannibalismCompulsive behaviorHuguenots Conduct of lifeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically ConsolationDewey: 284 CuriosityBroader Term(s): Christian sects Deviant behaviorReformation DutyNarrower Term(s):Saint Bartholomews Day, Eating customsMassacre of, 1572 EtiquetteFriendshipHull House GreedUse: Hull House (Chicago, Ill.) HabitHull House (Chicago, Ill.) Helping behaviorDewey: 361.4 HonestyUse For: Hull House LifestylesBroader Term(s): Social settlements LoveMessinessHuman abnormalities PatienceUse: Birth defects PatriotismGrowth disorders SexNarrower Term(s):Conjoined twins Showing offSocial adjustmentHuman anatomy SportsmanshipDewey: 611 SuicidePsychological aspectsSee Also: parts of the body, e.g. Foot; and Temper tantrumsnames of organs and regions of the Truthfulness and falsehoodbody with the subdivision Anatomy, Vicee.g. HeartAnatomy [to be Virtueadded as needed] Related Term(s): EthicsBroader Term(s): Anatomy Interpersonal relationsRelated Term(s): Human body Life skillsHuman anatomyAtlases Human beingsDewey: 611 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Atlases Dewey: 128; 599.9Human anatomy in art Scope Note: Use for materials on the humanUse: Artistic anatomy species from the point of view ofNude in art biology or anthropology. Materialson human beings as individuals areHuman artificial insemination entered under Persons.Dewey: 346.01; 618.1 Use For: Homo sapiens; Human race; ManUse For: Artificial insemination, Human Broader Term(s): PrimatesBroader Term(s): Artificial insemination Narrower Term(s):AnthropometryReproduction EthnologyHuman bodyHuman assets Human-animal relationshipsUse: Human capital PersonsHuman behavior Prehistoric peoplesDewey: 150; 302 Related Term(s): Anthropology489'