b'Human servicesHuman genome Fossil hominidsDewey: 611 Prehistoric peoplesBroader Term(s): GeneticsHuman geography Human paleontologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Fossil hominidsDewey: 304.2 Human physiologyUse For: Anthropogeography; Geographical Use: Physiologydistribution of people; Socialgeography Human raceBroader Term(s): Anthropology Use: AnthropologyEthnology Human beingsGeography Human recordsHuman ecology Use: World recordsImmigration and emigrationNarrower Term(s):African diaspora Human relationsEnvironmental influence on Use: Interpersonal relationshumansHuman settlements Human remains (Archeology)Jewish diaspora Dewey: 930.1Related Term(s): Geopolitics Use For: Skeletal remainsBroader Term(s): AntiquitiesHuman habitat SkeletonUse: Human settlements Narrower Term(s):MummiesHuman immunodeficiency virus disease Human resource managementUse: AIDS (Disease) Use: Personnel managementHuman influence on nature Human resourcesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Human capitalDewey: 304.2; 363.7 ManpowerUse For: Earth, Effect of man on; Man Influence on nature; NatureHuman rightsEffect of human beings on Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Human ecology Dewey: 323; 341.4Narrower Term(s):Pollution Scope Note: Use for materials on the rights ofpersons regardless of their legal,Human locomotion socioeconomic, or cultural status, asDewey: 152.3; 612.7 recognized by the internationalUse For: Biomechanics; Human mechanics; community. Materials on citizensHuman movement rights as established by law orBroader Term(s): Locomotion protected by a constitution arePhysiology entered under Civil rights.Narrower Term(s):Kinesiology Use For: Basic rights; Civil rightsWalking (International law); FundamentalRelated Term(s): Musculoskeletal system rights; Rights of man; Rights,Human mechanics HumanUse: Human locomotion Narrower Term(s):Civil rightsRight to health careHuman movement Human servicesUse: Human locomotion Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHuman origins Dewey: 361Dewey: 599.9 Scope Note: Use for general materials on theUse For: Antiquity of man; Hominids; Man various policies, programs, services, Antiquity; ManOrigin; Origin and facilities to meet basic humanof man needs, such as health, education, andBroader Term(s): Physical anthropology welfare. Materials on the methodsRelated Term(s): Evolution employed in social work, public or491'