b'Sears List of Subject Headingsprivate, are entered underSocial humans; Human encounters withwork. Materials on privately alienssupported welfare activities are Narrower Term(s):Alien abductionentered under Charities. Materials Related Term(s): Extraterrestrial beingson tax-supported welfare activities Life on other planetsare entered under Public welfare. Unidentified flying objectsSee Also: ethnic groups and classes of persons Human-animal communicationwith the subdivision Services for, Dewey: 153.6e.g. People with disabilitiesUse For: Animal communication withServices for [to be added as needed] humans; Animal-humanNarrower Term(s):Charities communication; HumanPeople with disabilitiescommunication with animalsServices for Broader Term(s): Animal communicationPublic health Human-animal relationshipsPublic welfareSocial work Human-animal relationshipsHuman servicesCanada Dewey: 591.5Dewey: 361.971 Use For: Animal-human relationshipsSee Also: ethnic groups and classes of persons Broader Term(s): Animalswith the subdivision Services for, Human beingse.g. First NationsServices for Narrower Term(s):Human-animal communication[to be added as needed] Human-computer interactionNarrower Term(s):First NationsServices for Dewey: 004.01Public welfareCanada Use For: Computer-human interaction;Human settlements Interaction, Human-computerGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): ErgonomicsDewey: 307 Humane treatment of animalsUse For: Human habitat Use: Animal welfareBroader Term(s): Human ecologyHuman geography HumanismPopulation Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySociology Dewey: 001.2; 880Related Term(s): Land settlement Scope Note: Use for materials on culture foundedon the study of the classics, or moreHuman sexuality narrowly on Greek and RomanUse: Sex scholarship. Materials on anyHuman survival skills intellectual or philosophicalUse: Survival skills movement or set of beliefs thatpromotes human values as separateHuman trafficking and distinct from religious doctrinesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically are entered under Secularism.Dewey: 306.362 Broader Term(s): CultureUse For: Sex trafficking; Trafficking in Literaturepersons PhilosophyBroader Term(s): Crimes against humanity Narrower Term(s):HumanitiesSex crimes Related Term(s): Classical educationLearning and scholarshipHuman values RenaissanceUse: Values SecularismHuman-alien encounters Humanism, SecularGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: SecularismDewey: 001.942Use For: Alien encounters with humans; Humanitarian assistanceExtraterrestrial encounters with Use: Humanitarian intervention492'