b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsHydrophobia SleepUse: Rabies VentilationHydroponics WomenHealth and hygieneGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): HealthDewey: 631.5; 635 SanitationUse For: PlantsSoilless culture; Soilless HygieneStudy and teachingagriculture; Water farming Use: Health educationBroader Term(s): HorticultureHydrostatics Hygiene, MilitaryDewey: 532 Use: Military personnelHealth andBroader Term(s): Fluid mechanics hygieneHydraulic engineering Hygiene, SexualHydraulics Use: Sexual hygieneHydrodynamicsLiquids Hygiene, SocialMechanics Use: Public healthPhysics Hymn booksStatics Use: HymnalsNarrower Term(s):GasesHydrotherapy HymnalsDewey: 615.8 Dewey: 782.27Use For: Hydropathy; Water cure Scope Note: Use for collections of sacred songsBroader Term(s): Physical therapy that contain both words and music.Therapeutics Materials about hymns are enteredWater under Hymns.Related Term(s): Baths Use For: Hymn books; HymnbooksHealth resorts Broader Term(s): HymnsSongbooksHygiene HymnbooksDewey: 613 Use: HymnalsUse For: Body care; Personal cleanliness;Personal hygiene HymnologySee Also: parts of the body with the Use: Hymnssubdivision Care, e.g. Foot Care; and classes of persons and Hymnsethnic groups with the subdivision Dewey: 264; 782.27Health and hygiene, e.g. WomenScope Note: Use for materials about hymns.Health and hygiene [to be added as Collections of hymns that containneeded] both words and music are enteredBroader Term(s): Medicine under Hymnals.Preventive medicine Use For: HymnologyNarrower Term(s):Baths Broader Term(s): Church musicChildrenHealth and hygiene LiturgiesCleanliness SongsDiet Vocal musicDisinfection and disinfectants Narrower Term(s):CarolsExercise HymnalsInfantsHealth and hygiene Spirituals (Songs)Military personnelHealth and Related Term(s): Religious poetryhygiene Hyperactive childrenOlder peopleHealth and Dewey: 155.4; 618.92hygiene Use For: Children, Hyperactive; HyperkineticPersonal grooming childrenRest Broader Term(s): Children with disabilitiesSchool hygiene Related Term(s): HyperactivitySexual hygiene496'