b'IceboatsHyperactivity Broader Term(s): ColdDewey: 616.85 FrostUse For: Hyperkinesia Physical geographyBroader Term(s): Diseases WaterRelated Term(s): Hyperactive children Narrower Term(s):GlaciersHyperactivity disorder IcebergsUse: Attention deficit disorder Ice (Drug)Hyperkinesia Use: Crystal meth (Drug)Use: Attention deficit disorder Ice ageHyperactivity Dewey: 551.7Hyperkinetic children Use For: Glacial epochUse: Hyperactive children Broader Term(s): EarthHyperlinks Ice boatsDewey: 005.75 Use: IceboatsUse For: Hot links Ice canoeingBroader Term(s): Multimedia Dewey: 796.9Related Term(s): Linked data (Semantic web) Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaHyperspace Ice cream, ices, etc.Use: Fourth dimension Dewey: 637; 641.8Hypertension Use For: IcesDewey: 616.1 Broader Term(s): DessertsUse For: High blood pressure Frozen foodsBroader Term(s): Blood pressure Ice fishingHyperText Markup Language (Document markup Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallylanguage) Dewey: 799.12Use: HTML (Document markup Broader Term(s): Fishinglanguage) Winter sportsHypnosis Ice hockeyUse: Hypnotism Use: HockeyHypnotism Ice skatingDewey: 154.7 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Animal magnetism; Autosuggestion; Dewey: 796.91Hypnosis; Mesmerism Use For: Figure skating; SkatingBroader Term(s): Mental healing Broader Term(s): Winter sportsPsychophysiology Ice sportsRelated Term(s): Mental suggestion Use: Winter sportsMind and bodyPsychoanalysis Ice stormsCanadaSubconsciousness Dewey: 551.55Suggestive therapeutics Broader Term(s): StormsCanadaIcebergsDewey: 551.3I Broader Term(s): IceOceanICBM Physical geographyUse: Intercontinental ballistic missiles IceboatsIce Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 623.82Dewey: 551.31 Use For: Ice boatsUse For: Freezing Broader Term(s): Boats and boating497'