b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsIcelandic language CriminalsIdentificationDewey: 439 DNA fingerprintingBroader Term(s): Language and languages FingerprintsScandinavian languagesIcelandic language0-1500 IdentityUse: Old Norse language Use: Identity (Psychology)IndividualityIcelandic literature PersonalityDewey: 839 Identity (Psychology)Use For: Icelandic literature, Modern Dewey: 126; 155.2Broader Term(s): Literature Use For: IdentityScandinavian literature See Also: classes of persons with theRelated Term(s): Old Norse literature subdivision Identity, e.g. Women Icelandic literature, Modern Identity; ethnic groups with theUse: Icelandic literature subdivision Ethnic identity, e.g.Mexican AmericansEthnicIces identity; and racial groups with theUse: Ice cream, ices, etc. subdivision Raceidentity, e.g.Ichthyology African AmericansRaceUse: Fishes identity [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): PersonalityIchthyosaurus PsychologyDewey: 567.91 SelfBroader Term(s): Dinosaurs Narrower Term(s):EthnicityGender identityIconography Group identityUse: ArtThemes WomenIdentityIcons (Computer graphics) Related Term(s): Ego (Psychology)Dewey: 005.3; 005.4 Identity theftUse For: Computer icons; Desktop icons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically(Computer graphics) Dewey: 364.16Broader Term(s): Computer graphics Broader Term(s): Offenses against the personIcons (Religion) TheftDewey: 704.9 IdeologyBroader Term(s): Christian art Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyId al-Fitr Dewey: 140Use: Eid al-Fitr Broader Term(s): PhilosophyPolitical scienceIdeal states PsychologyUse: Utopian fiction Theory of knowledgeUtopias Thought and thinkingNarrower Term(s):Political correctnessIdealismDewey: 141 IdiomsBroader Term(s): Philosophy Use names of languages with the subdivision Idioms,Related Term(s): Materialism e.g. English languageIdioms [to be added asRealism needed]Transcendentalism Idyllic poetryIdentification Use: Pastoral poetrySee Also: subjects with the subdivision IgloosIdentification [to be added as Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyneeded] Dewey: 643.2Narrower Term(s):AirplanesIdentification Broader Term(s): HousesBar coding InuitBirdsIdentification498'