b'Imaginary battlesIguanodon Illustration of booksDewey: 567.914 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Dinosaurs Dewey: 741.6Ilium (Extinct city) Use For: Book illustrationSee Also: types of illustration, e.g. BotanicalUse: Troy (Extinct city) illustration [to be added as needed]Illegal aliens Broader Term(s): ArtUse: Unauthorized immigrants BooksColor printingIllegal aliensCanada Decoration and ornamentUse: Undocumented immigrantsNarrower Term(s):Botanical illustrationCanada Caldecott MedalIllegitimacy EngravingIllumination of books andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically manuscriptsDewey: 306.874; 346.01 Photomechanical processesUse For: Illegitimate children; Legitimacy Related Term(s): Drawing(Law) Picture books for childrenRelated Term(s): Unmarried fathersUnmarried mothers IllustrationsIllegitimate children Use subjects, names, and uniform titles with theUse: Illegitimacy subdivision Pictorial works, e.g. Animals Pictorial works; United StatesHistory Illiteracy 1861-1865, Civil WarPictorial works; etc. [toUse: Literacy be added as needed]Illness IllustratorsUse: Diseases Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 741.6092; 920Illuminated manuscripts Broader Term(s): ArtistsUse: Illumination of books andmanuscripts IllustratorsCanadaDewey: 741.6092; 920Illumination Use For: Canadian illustrators; Illustrators,Use: Lighting CanadianIllumination of books and manuscripts See Also: names of individual illustrators [toGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically be added as needed]Dewey: 096; 745.6 IllustratorsUnited StatesUse For: Illuminated manuscripts; Dewey: 741.6092; 920Manuscripts, Illuminated; Use For: American illustrators; Illustrators,Miniatures (Illumination of books Americanand manuscripts); Ornamentalalphabets Illustrators, AmericanBroader Term(s): Art Use: IllustratorsUnited StatesBooks Illustrators, CanadianDecoration and ornament Use: IllustratorsCanadaIllustration of booksManuscripts Image processing softwareMedieval art Dewey: 006.6Related Term(s): Alphabets Broader Term(s): Computer softwareBooks of hoursInitials ImageryUse: Figures of speechIllusionsUse: Hallucinations and illusions Imaginary animalsOptical illusions Use: Mythical animalsImaginary battlesUse: Imaginary wars and battles499'