b'ImmunotherapyChinese Canadians Related Term(s): Immigration and emigrationHome children (Canadian Immortalityimmigrants)Related Term(s): CanadaImmigration and Dewey: 129emigration Scope Note: Use for materials on the question ofNoncitizensCanada the endless existence of the soul.Materials on the character and formImmigrantsUnited States of a future existence are enteredDewey: 325.73 under Future life. Materials on theUse For: United StatesForeign population philosophical concept of eternity areNarrower Term(s):Mexican Americans entered under Eternity.Related Term(s): United StatesImmigration and Use For: Eternal life; Life after deathemigration Broader Term(s): EschatologyImmigration and emigration SoulDewey: 304.8; 325 TheologyScope Note: Use for materials on migration from Related Term(s): Future lifeone country to another. Materials on Immune systemthe movement of population within Dewey: 616.07a country for permanent settlement Use For: Immunological systemare entered under Internal Broader Term(s): Anatomymigration. PhysiologyUse For: Emigration; Foreign population; Related Term(s): ImmunityMigration ImmunitySee Also: names of countries with thesubdivision Immigration and Dewey: 571.9; 616.07emigration, e.g. United StatesNarrower Term(s):AllergyImmigration and emigration; and Immunizationnames of immigrant minorities and Related Term(s): Immune systemnational groups, e.g. Mexican ImmunizationAmericans; MexicansUnited Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyStates; etc. [to be added as needed] Dewey: 614.4Broader Term(s): Population Scope Note: Use for materials on any process,Narrower Term(s):Children of immigrants active or passive, that leads toHuman geography increased immunity. Materials onNaturalization active immunization with a vaccineRefugees are entered under Vaccination.Return migration Broader Term(s): ImmunityUnauthorized immigrants Public healthUnited StatesImmigration and Narrower Term(s):VaccinationemigrationRelated Term(s): Americanization Immunological systemColonization Use: Immune systemImmigrants ImmunologyImmigration law Dewey: 571.9; 616.07Internal migration Broader Term(s): MedicineNoncitizens Narrower Term(s):ImmunotherapyImmigration and emigrationLaw and legislation ImmunotherapyUse: Immigration law Dewey: 615.3Immigration law Scope Note: Use for materials on drugs whichGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically are used to affect the immuneDewey: 342.08 system.Use For: Immigration and emigrationLaw Use For: Therapeutic immunologyand legislation Broader Term(s): ImmunologyBroader Term(s): Law TherapeuticsNarrower Term(s):Deportation501'