b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsIndependent study IndiaHistory19th centuryDewey: 371.39 Dewey: 954.03Scope Note: Use for materials on individual IndiaHistory20th centurystudy that may be directed orassisted by instructional staff Dewey: 954.03; 954.04; 954.05through periodic consultations. IndiaHistory21st centuryBroader Term(s): Study skills Dewey: 954.05Tutors and tutoringIndeterminism IndiaHistory324 B.C.-1000 A.D.Dewey: 954Use: Free will and determinismIndex librorum prohibitorum Indian architectureUse: ArchitectureIndiaUse: BooksCensorshipIndexes Indian artDewey: 709.54Dewey: 016 Use For: East Indian art; Indic artScope Note: Use for works that list topics or Broader Term(s): Artnames with references to books, Narrower Term(s):Indian paintingarticles, or passages where those Indian sculpturetopics or names are to be found.Works that list words with Indian artCanadareferences to passages in a text Use: First Nations artwhere the exact word occurs areentered under Concordances. Indian captivitiesCanadaSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Use: First NationsCaptivitiesIndexes, e.g. NewspapersIndian childrenCanadaIndexes; Short storiesIndexes; Use: First Nations childrenEnglish literatureIndexes; etc.[to be added as needed] Indian cookingBroader Term(s): Bibliography Dewey: 641.5954Narrower Term(s):Concordances Use For: East Indian cooking; Indic cookingSubject headings Broader Term(s): CookingIndexing Indian danceCanadaDewey: 025.3 Use: First Nations danceBroader Term(s): Bibliographic control Indian dramaBibliography Dewey: 891.4Related Term(s): Cataloging Use For: East Indian drama; Indic dramaFiles and filing Broader Term(s): DramaIndia Indian literatureDewey: 954 Narrower Term(s):Hindi dramaScope Note: May be subdivided like United Indian drama (English)States except for History. Indian drama (English)IndiaHistory Dewey: 822Dewey: 954 Use For: East Indian drama (English); Indicdrama (English)IndiaHistory1000-1765 Broader Term(s): Indian dramaDewey: 954.02 Indian literature (English)IndiaHistory1765-1947, British occupation Indian epic poetryDewey: 954.03 Dewey: 891.4IndiaHistory18th century Use For: East Indian epic poetry; Indic epicDewey: 954.02 poetryBroader Term(s): Epic poetryIndiaHistory1947- Indian poetryDewey: 954.04; 954.05 Narrower Term(s):Mahābhārata504'