b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: East Indians; Indians (of India) Indians of North AmericaCanadaChronologyUse: First NationsHistory Indians (of India) ChronologyUse: Indians Indians of North AmericaCanadaClaimsIndiansWest Indies Use: First NationsClaimsDewey: 305.891; 920 Indians of North AmericaCanadaCostumeIndians of Canada Use: First Nations costumeUse: First Nations Indians of North AmericaCanadaDancesIndians of Central America Use: First Nations danceUse: Native AmericansCentral Indians of North AmericaCanadaDwellingsAmerica Use: First NationsDwellingsIndians of Central AmericaGuatemala Indians of North AmericaCanadaEconomicUse: Native AmericansGuatemalaconditionsIndians of Mexico Use: First NationsEconomicUse: Native AmericansMexico conditionsIndians of North America Indians of North AmericaCanadaEducationUse: Native Americans Use: First NationsEducationNative AmericansNorthAmerica Indians of North AmericaCanadaFirst contactNative AmericansUnited with EuropeansStates Use: First NationsFirst contact withEuropeansIndians of North AmericaAgricultureUse: Native AmericansAgriculture Indians of North AmericaCanadaFolkloreUse: First NationsFolkloreIndians of North AmericaAntiquitiesUse: Native AmericansAntiquities Indians of North AmericaCanadaFoodUse: First Nations foodIndians of North AmericaArchitectureUse: Native American architecture Indians of North AmericaCanadaGamesUse: First Nations gamesIndians of North AmericaArtUse: Native American art Indians of North AmericaCanadaGovernmentIndians of North AmericaCanada relationsUse: First Nations Use: First NationsGovernmentrelationsIndians of North AmericaCanadaAntiquities Indians of North AmericaCanadaHistoryUse: First NationsAntiquities Use: First NationsHistoryIndians of North AmericaCanadaArchitecture Indians of North AmericaCanadaIndustriesUse: First Nations architecture Use: First NationsIndustriesIndians of North AmericaCanadaArt Indians of North AmericaCanadaLanguagesUse: First Nations art Use: First Nations languagesIndians of North AmericaCanadaCaptivities Indians of North AmericaCanadaLiteratureUse: First NationsCaptivities Use: First Nations literatureIndians of North AmericaCanadaChildren Indians of North AmericaCanadaMedicineUse: First Nations children Use: First Nations medicineIndians of North AmericaCanadaChristian Indians of North AmericaCanadaMusicmissions Use: First Nations musicUse: First NationsChristianmissions Indians of North AmericaCanadaNamesUse: First Nations names506'