b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsIndians of North AmericaPolitics and government Indic dramaUse: Native AmericansPolitics and Use: Indian dramagovernment Indic drama (English)Indians of North AmericaPsychology Use: Indian drama (English)Use: Native AmericansPsychology Indic epic poetryIndians of North AmericaRelations with early Use: Indian epic poetrysettlers Indic fictionUse: Native AmericansRelations Use: Indian fictionwith early settlersIndians of North AmericaReligion Indic fiction (English)Use: Native AmericansReligion Use: Indian fiction (English)Indians of North AmericaReservations Indic languagesUse: Native AmericansReservations Use: Indian languagesIndians of North AmericaRites and ceremonies Indic literatureUse: Native AmericansRites and Use: Indian literatureceremonies Indic literature (English)Indians of North AmericaSchools Use: Indian literature (English)Use: Native AmericansEducation Indic paintingIndians of North AmericaSign language Use: Indian paintingUse: Native American sign language Indic philosophyIndians of North AmericaSilverwork Use: Indian philosophyUse: Native American silverwork Indic poetryIndians of North AmericaSocial conditions Use: Indian poetryUse: Native AmericansSocial Indic poetry (English)conditions Use: Indian poetry (English)Indians of North AmericaSocial life and customs Indic sculptureUse: Native AmericansSocial life Use: Indian sculptureand customsIndie filmsIndians of North AmericaWars Use: Independent filmsUse: Native AmericansWarsIndigenous peoplesIndians of North AmericaWomen Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Native American women Dewey: 305.8Indians of South America Scope Note: Use for materials on indigenousUse: Native AmericansSouth groups within a colonial area orAmerica modern state where the group doesnot control the government. GeneralIndians of South AmericaPeru materials on people bound togetherUse: Native AmericansPeru by common ancestry and culture areentered under EthnicIndians of the West Indies groups.Materials on the variousUse: Native AmericansWest Indies ethnic groups or native peoples in aIndic architecture particular region or country areUse: ArchitectureIndia entered under Ethnologysubdivided geographically.Indic art Use For: Aborigines; Native peoples;Use: Indian art Natives; PeopleSee Also: names of individual indigenousIndic cooking peoples e.g. Yoruba (AfricanUse: Indian cooking people) [to be added as needed]508'