b'Industrial mergersBleaching and materials on the application ofCanning and preserving psychological principles toCeramics industrial production.Corrosion and anticorrosives Use For: Efficiency, IndustrialDistillation Broader Term(s): ManagementDrying Narrower Term(s):Job analysisElectrochemistry Labor productivityFoodAnalysis Motion studyGums and resins Office managementSynthetic products Time studyTanning Industrial equipmentTextile chemistryWaste products Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Chemical engineering Dewey: 621.8Chemical industry Use For: Capital equipment; Capital goods;Chemicals IndustriesEquipment andMetallurgy supplies; Machinery in industrySee Also: types of industries with theIndustrial conciliation subdivision Equipment and suppliesUse: Industrial arbitration [to be added as needed]Industrial councils Broader Term(s): MachineryNarrower Term(s):AutomationUse: Participative management Industrial robotsIndustrial counseling Industrial exhibitionsUse: EmployeesCounseling of Use: Trade showsIndustrial design Industrial healthGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Occupational health and safetyDewey: 745.2Use For: Design, Industrial Industrial injuriesBroader Term(s): Design Use: Industrial accidentsNarrower Term(s):AutomobilesDesign and Industrial laws and legislationconstructionErgonomics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySystems engineering Dewey: 343Use For: Government regulation ofIndustrial disasters commerce; IndustriesLaw andUse: Industrial accidents legislationIndustrial diseases See Also: types of industries with thesubdivision Law and legislation, e.g.Use: Occupational diseases Chemical industryLaw andIndustrial disputes legislation [to be added as needed]Use: Labor disputes Broader Term(s): LawLegislationIndustrial drawing Narrower Term(s):Labor laws and legislationUse: Mechanical drawingIndustrial librariesIndustrial education Use: Corporate librariesUse: Industrial arts educationTechnical education Industrial managementUse: ManagementIndustrial efficiencyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Industrial materialsDewey: 658 Use: MaterialsScope Note: Use for materials on the various Industrial mergersmeans of increasing efficiency and Use: Corporate mergers andoutput in business and industries, acquisitionsincluding time and motion studies511'