b'Information systemsinformation services, e.g. United materials about informationNationsInformation services; available on the Internet on aConsumersInformation subject, e.g. BusinessInternetservices; etc. [to be added as resources; and subjects with theneeded] subdivision Databases, for materialsBroader Term(s): Information science about data files on a subjectNarrower Term(s):BusinessInformation resources regardless of the mediumofDatabases distribution, e.g. Business Information services Databases [to be added as needed]Internet resources Broader Term(s): Information resourcesInformation retrieval Narrower Term(s):ArchivesBusinessInformation servicesDewey: 025.5 ConsumersInformationUse For: Data retrieval; Information storage servicesand retrieval; Retrieval of Electronic publishinginformation Hotlines (Telephone counseling)Broader Term(s): Documentation Machine readable bibliographicInformation science dataNarrower Term(s):Internet searching Reference services (Libraries)Related Term(s): Information systems United NationsInformationInformation science servicesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): DocumentationDewey: 020 Information systemsBroader Term(s): Communication LibrariesNarrower Term(s):Documentation ResearchInformation resources Information societyInformation retrieval Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInformation systems Dewey: 303.48Information visualization Scope Note: Use for materials on a society whoseLibrary science primary activity is the productionRelated Term(s): Information theory and communication of informationInformation services by means of computer networks andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically other advanced technology.Dewey: 025.5 Broader Term(s): SociologyScope Note: Use for materials on organizations Narrower Term(s):Digital dividethat provide information services. Information sourcesMaterials on sources of information, Use: Information resourcesnot limited to a specific topic orformat, are entered under Information storage and retrievalInformation resources. Use: Information retrievalUse For: Information centers; Information Information storage and retrieval systemsclearinghousesSee Also: headings for the providers or the Use: Information systemsusers of information with the Information superhighwaysubdivision Information services, Use: Computer networksfor materials about organizatons that Information networksprovide information services, e.g. InternetUnited NationsInformationservices; ConsumersInformation systemsInformation services; etc.; subjects Dewey: 025.04with the subdivision Information Use For: Computer-based informationresources, for general materials systems; Data storage and retrievalabout information on a subject, e.g. systems; Information storage andBusinessInformation retrieval systemsresources; subjects with the Broader Term(s): Bibliographic controlsubdivision Internet resources, for Computers517'