b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsInscriptions (in books) FliesUse: Marginalia Insect pestsInscriptions, Cuneiform LocustsUse: Cuneiform inscriptions MosquitoesMothsInsect pests SilkwormsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically WaspsDewey: 632Use For: Destructive insects; Diseases and InsectsMetamorphosispests; Garden pests; Harmful Dewey: 592.7insects; Injurious insects Insects as carriers of diseaseSee Also: types of insect pests, e.g. Locusts; Dewey: 614.4etc.; and types of crops, plants, trees, Broader Term(s): Animals as carriers of diseaseetc., with the subdivision Diseases Insect pestsand pests, e.g. FruitDiseasesand pests [to be added as needed] Inservice trainingBroader Term(s): Economic zoology Use: EmployeesTrainingInsectsPests Insider tradingNarrower Term(s):FruitDiseases and pests Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInsects as carriers of disease Dewey: 346.07; 364.16Locusts Use For: Securities trading, Insider; Stocks Related Term(s): Agricultural pests Insider tradingHousehold pests Broader Term(s): Commercial lawParasites SecuritiesStock exchangesInsect-eating plantsUse: Carnivorous plants InsigniaDewey: 929.9Insecticides Use For: Badges of honor; DevicesDewey: 632; 668 (Heraldry); EmblemsSee Also: types of insecticides [to be added as See Also: armies, navies, and otherneeded] appropriate subjects with theBroader Term(s): Agricultural chemicals subdivision Insignia or Medals,Pesticides badges, decorations, etc. [to beNarrower Term(s):DDT (Insecticide) added as needed]Fumigation Broader Term(s): HeraldryRelated Term(s): Spraying and dusting Narrower Term(s):BadgesInsecticidesToxicology Colleges and universities InsigniaDewey: 615.9 United States. ArmyInsigniaBroader Term(s): Poisons and poisoning United States. ArmyMedals,Insectivorous plants badges, decorations, etc.Use: Carnivorous plants United States. NavyInsigniaUnited States. NavyMedals,Insects badges, decorations, etc.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Decorations of honorDewey: 595.7 MedalsSee Also: types of insects [to be added as National emblemsneeded]Broader Term(s): Animals InsolvencyNarrower Term(s):Ants Use: BankruptcyBees InsomniaBeetles Dewey: 616.8Beneficial insects Use For: Sleeplessness; WakefulnessButterflies Broader Term(s): SleepCockroachesCrickets520'