b'Instrumental ensemblesInspection Mentally illInstitutional careUse topics with the subdivision Inspection, e.g. Nursing homesAutomobilesInspection [to be added as needed] Older peopleInstitutional careInspection of food Institutions, Charitable and philanthropicUse: Food adulteration and inspection Use: CharitiesInspection of meat Institutions, EcclesiasticalUse: Meat inspection Use: Religious institutionsInspection of schools Institutions, ReligiousUse: School supervision Use: Religious institutionsSchoolsAdministrationInspiration InstructionUse: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Use: EducationTeachingInspiration, Biblical Instructional designUse: BibleInspiration Use For: Instructional systems analysisInstallment plan Instructional gamesDewey: 658.8 Use: Educational gamesUse For: Instalment planBroader Term(s): Business Instructional materialsConsumer credit Use: TeachingAids and devicesCreditPurchasing Instructional materials centersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInstalment plan Dewey: 027.7Use: Installment plan Use For: Audiovisual materials centers;Instant messaging Curriculum materials centers;Dewey: 004.692; 384.3 Educational media centers; LearningBroader Term(s): Data transmission systems resource centers; Media centers(Education); Multimedia centers;Instinct School media centersDewey: 152.3; 156 Broader Term(s): LibrariesUse For: Animal instinct Narrower Term(s):School librariesBroader Term(s): Animal behavior Instructional supervisionPsychology Use: School supervisionRelated Term(s): Animal intelligenceComparative psychology Instructional systems analysisHabit Use: Instructional designInstitutional care Instructional technologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Educational technologyDewey: 361Use For: Asylums; Benevolent institutions; Instructive gamesCharitable institutions; Homes Use: Educational games(Institutions) Instructors guidesSee Also: classes of persons with the Use: Teachers guidessubdivision Institutional care [to beadded as needed] Instrument flyingBroader Term(s): Charities Dewey: 629.132Medical charities Broader Term(s): Aeronautical instrumentsPublic welfare AirplanesPilotingNarrower Term(s):BlindInstitutional careChildrenInstitutional care Instrumental ensemblesDeafInstitutional care Use: Ensembles (Music)Group homesHospitals521'