b'List of Canceled and Replaced HeadingsCANCELED HEADINGS REPLACED HEADINGSAfrican American elderly African American older peopleAliens (Foreign population) NoncitizensAliens (Foreign population)United States NoncitizensUnited StatesCancerPatients Cancer patientsCounter culture CountercultureDress accessories Fashion accessoriesElderly Older peopleElderlyCanada Older peopleCanadaElderlyCare Older peopleCareElderlyCounseling of Older peopleCounseling ofElderlyDiseases Older peopleDiseasesElderlyEducation Older peopleEducationElderlyHealth and hygiene Older peopleHealth and hygieneElderlyHome care Older peopleHome careElderlyHousing Older peopleHousingElderlyInstitutional care Older peopleInstitutional careElderlyLibrary services Library services to older peopleElderlyLife skills guides Older peopleLife skills guidesElderlyMedical care Older peopleMedical careElderlyRecreation Older peopleRecreationElderlySocieties Older peopleSocietiesElderlyUnited States Older peopleUnited StatesElderly men Older menElderly women Older womenFacebook (Web site) Facebook (Website)Farm family Farm familiesFortran (Computer language) [no replacement]Gays and lesbians in the military LGBT people in the militaryGeneration Y Millennials (Persons)Google (Firm) [no replacement]Gypsies RomaniesIllegal aliens Unauthorized immigrantsLibraries and African Americans Library services to African AmericansLove stories Romance fictionNative AmericansCanada First NationsRomance literature Romance language literatureSocial work with the elderly Social work with older peopleStudentsLibrary services Library services to studentsTransvestites Cross-dressersTwitter (Web site) Twitter (Website)Web sites WebsitesWeblogs BlogsYoung adultslibraries Library services to young adultsA-57'