b'Intellectual lifeInsurance, Malpractice Integration, RacialUse: Malpractice insurance Use: Race relationsInsurance, Marine Integration, SocialUse: Marine insurance Use: Social integrationInsurance, Professional liability IntellectUse: Malpractice insurance Dewey: 153.9Insurance, Social Use For: Intelligence; Mind; UnderstandingBroader Term(s): PsychologyUse: Social security Narrower Term(s):Cognitive stylesInsurance, Unemployment Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Use: Unemployment insurance ImaginationLogicInsurance, Workers compensation MemoryUse: Workers compensation PerceptionReasonInsurgency Senses and sensationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): ReasoningDewey: 322.4; 355.02 Theory of knowledgeUse For: Rebellions Thought and thinkingBroader Term(s): RevolutionsNarrower Term(s):Counterinsurgency Intellectual cooperationGuerrilla warfare Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySubversive activities Dewey: 327.1; 370.116Terrorism Use For: Cooperation, IntellectualRelated Term(s): Internal security Broader Term(s): International cooperationResistance to government Narrower Term(s):ConferencesCultural relationsInsurgencyCanada Related Term(s): International educationDewey: 322.4Use For: CanadaInsurgency Intellectual freedomGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyIntegral calculus Dewey: 323.44Dewey: 515 Broader Term(s): FreedomUse For: Calculus, Integral Narrower Term(s):Academic freedomBroader Term(s): Differential equations CensorshipIntegral equations Freedom of informationDewey: 515 Freedom of speechUse For: Equations, Integral Freedom of the pressBroader Term(s): Functional equations Intellectual lifeIntegrated churches Dewey: 001.1Use: Church and race relations Scope Note: Use for general materials onlearning and scholarship, literature,Integrated curriculum the arts, etc. Materials on literature,Use: Interdisciplinary approach in art, music, motion pictures, etc.education produced for a mass audience areentered under Popular culture.Integrated language arts (Holistic) Use For: Cultural lifeUse: Whole language See Also: classes of persons, ethnic groups,Integrated schools and names of countries, cities, etc.,Use: School integration with the subdivision Intellectual life[to be added as needed]Integration in education Broader Term(s): CultureUse: School integration Narrower Term(s):African AmericansIntellectualSegregation in education lifeBlacksIntellectual lifeChicago (Ill.)Intellectual life523'