b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCultural policy Related Term(s): Secret serviceLearning and scholarship Intelligence serviceCanadaOhioIntellectual lifePopular culture Dewey: 327.1271; 355.3United StatesIntellectual life Use For: CanadaIntelligence serviceNarrower Term(s):Canadian Security IntelligenceIntellectual lifeGovernment policy ServiceUse: Cultural policy Intelligence serviceUnited StatesIntellectual property Dewey: 327.1273; 355.3Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: United StatesIntelligence serviceDewey: 346.04 Intelligence testingUse For: Literary property; Proprietary rights;Rights, Proprietary Use: Intelligence testsBroader Term(s): Property Intelligence testsRelated Term(s): Copyright Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPatents Dewey: 153.9Intellectuals Use For: IQ tests; Intelligence testing; MentalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically testsDewey: 305.5 Broader Term(s): Child psychologyUse For: Intelligentsia Educational psychologySee Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons, Narrower Term(s):AbilityTestingand names of countries, cities, etc., Related Term(s): Educational tests andwith the subdivision Intellectual life, measurementse.g. African AmericansIntelligent buildingsIntellectual life; United StatesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyIntellectual life; etc. [to be added as Dewey: 624.1needed] Use For: Smart buildingsBroader Term(s): Persons Broader Term(s): BuildingsSocial classesIntelligentsiaIntelligence Use: IntellectualsUse: IntellectIntemperanceIntelligence agents Use: AlcoholismUse: Spies TemperanceIntelligence of animals IntendantsUse: Animal intelligence Dewey: 920; 971.01Intelligence service Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory0-1763Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically (New France)Dewey: 327.12; 355.3 Inter-American relationsScope Note: Use for materials on a government Use: Pan-Americanismagency that is engaged in obtaininginformation, usually about an enemy Interaction, Human-computerbut sometimes about an ally or a Use: Human-computer interactionneutral country, and also in blocking Interactions, Drug-foodthe attempts by foreign agents to Use: Drug-food interactionsobtain information about ones ownnational secrets. Interactive CD technologyUse For: Counterespionage; Use: CD-I technologyCounterintelligenceBroader Term(s): Public administration Interactive mediaResearch Use: MultimediaNarrower Term(s):Espionage Interactive multimediaMass surveillance Use: MultimediaMilitary intelligence524'