b'International tradeInternational security Political refugeesInternational politics TreatiesUnited StatesForeign relationsUse: World politics Related Term(s): International lawInternational relations National securityDewey: 327; 341.3 Technology transferScope Note: Use for materials on the theory of World politicsinternational relations. Historical International securityaccounts are entered under World Dewey: 327.1; 341.7politics; EuropePolitics and Use For: Collective security; Security,government; etc. Materials on the Internationalforeign relations of an individual Broader Term(s): International relationscountry are entered under the name Narrower Term(s):Arms controlof the country with the subdivison Arms raceForeign relations. Materials limited International arbitrationto diplomatic relations between two International organizationcountries are entered under the name International policeof each country with the subdivision NeutralityForeign relations further subdivided Related Term(s): Peaceby the name of the other country,e.g. United StatesForeign International space cooperationrelationsIran and also IranUse: AstronauticsInternationalForeign relationsUnited cooperationStates. International Space StationUse For: Foreign affairs; Foreign policy; Dewey: 629.44Foreign relations; Peaceful Use For: ISS (International Space Station)coexistence; World order Broader Term(s): Space stationsSee Also: names of countries with the Related Term(s): AstronauticsInternationalsubdivision Foreign relations, e.g. cooperationUnited StatesForeign relations[to be added as needed] International Standard Bibliographic DescriptionNarrower Term(s):Arms control Dewey: 025.3Balance of power Use For: ISBDBoundaries Broader Term(s): CatalogingCatholic ChurchForeignrelations International Standard Book NumbersCultural relations Dewey: 070.5Diplomacy Use For: ISBNDiplomatic and consular service Broader Term(s): Publishers standard bookDiplomats numbersEast and West International Standard Serial NumbersGeopolitics Dewey: 070.5Globalization Use For: ISSNInternational arbitration Related Term(s): Serial publicationsInternational competitionInternational cooperation International tradeInternational economic relations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInternational organization Dewey: 382International police Scope Note: Use for general materials aboutInternational security trade among nations. Materials onIsolationism foreign trade of specific countries,Jihad cities, etc., are entered under theMandates name of the place with theMonroe Doctrine subdivision Commerce. MaterialsNationalism limited to trade between twoNeutrality countries are entered under the namePeace529'