b'Sears List of Subject Headingsof each country with the subdivision Internet addressesDirectoriesCommerce further subdivided by the Dewey: 025.04name of the other country, i.e. See Also: topics, names of places, categoriesUnited StatesCommerceof persons, ethnic groups, etc., withJapan and also Japanthe subdivisions Internet resourcesCommerceUnited States.Directories, e.g. Business Use For: Foreign commerce; Foreign trade; Internet resourcesDirectoriesTrade, International [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Commerce Internet and childrenInternational economic relations Dewey: 004.678083Narrower Term(s):Arms transfers Use For: Children and the InternetBalance of trade Broader Term(s): ChildrenExportsFree trade Internet and teenagersImports Dewey: 004.67International competition Use For: Teenagers and the InternetBroader Term(s): TeenagersInternationalizationUse: Globalization Internet auctionsDewey: 381.177Internet Use For: Online auctionsDewey: 004.67 Broader Term(s): AuctionsUse For: Information superhighway; Internet Electronic commerce(Computer network)Broader Term(s): Computer networks Internet chat groupsInformation networks Use: Online chat groupsNarrower Term(s):Broadband internet Internet commerceInternet addresses Use: Electronic commerceInternet resourcesInternet television Internet companiesWorld Wide Web Use: Internet industryRelated Term(s): Internet videosInternet datingInternet (Computer network) Use: Online datingUse: InternetInternet forumsInternetComputer software Dewey: 004.693; 384.3Use: Internet software Scope Note: Use for materials on services thatInternetHome shopping services allow users to post messages andUse: Internet marketing retrieve messages from others whoInternet shopping have some common interest.Materials on services that allowInternetSecurity measures users to engage in conversations inUse: Internet security real time are entered under Onlinechat groups. Materials on services,Internet access commonly called electronic mailingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically lists, that allow subscribers to postDewey: 004.6 messages that are then distributed toUse For: Access to the Internet other subscribers are entered underNarrower Term(s):Broadband internet Electronic discussion groups.Related Term(s): Internet service providers Use For: Computer bulletin boards;Internet access providers Electronic bulletin boardsUse: Internet service providers Broader Term(s): Social mediaRelated Term(s): Electronic discussion groupsInternet addresses Online chat groupsDewey: 004.67 Internet gamblingBroader Term(s): InternetGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically530'