b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsInternet television Broader Term(s): Social psychologyDewey: 004.67; 384.55 Narrower Term(s):Competition (Psychology)Use For: Internet TV; Television, Internet; Conflict of generationsWeb television; WebTV DiscriminationBroader Term(s): Internet Domestic relationsTelevision broadcasting FamilyInternet TV Group relations trainingUse: Internet television Helping behaviorIntimacy (Psychology)Internet videos Life skillsDewey: 621.388 Man-woman relationshipScope Note: Use for works on short video Personal spaceproductions created specifically to Prejudicesbe viewed on the Internet Separation (Psychology)Broader Term(s): Video recordings Social adjustmentRelated Term(s): Internet Social integrationInternet-based computing Social skillsUse: Cloud computing Teacher-student relationshipTeasingInternet-based education TolerationUse: Web-based instruction Related Term(s): Human behaviorInternment camps Interplanetary communicationUse: Concentration camps Use: Interstellar communicationInternment of Japanese Americans, 1942-1945 Interplanetary visitorsUse: Japanese AmericansUse: Extraterrestrial beingsEvacuation and relocation, Interplanetary voyages1942-1945 Dewey: 808.3; 808.83; 919.904Internship programs Scope Note: Use for general materials aboutGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically travel to other planets. Materials onDewey: 331.25 the physics and technical details ofUse For: Internships flight beyond the earths atmosphereBroader Term(s): EmployeesTraining are entered under Space flight.Use For: Interstellar travel; Space travelInternships Broader Term(s): AstronauticsUse: Internship programs Narrower Term(s):Outer spaceExplorationInteroffice communication systems Related Term(s): Rockets (Aeronautics)Use: Intercommunication systems Space flightInterpersonal competence Interplanetary warfareUse: Social skills Use: Space warfareInterpersonal relations InterpolGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: International policeDewey: 158; 302 Interpreting and translatingScope Note: Use for materials on group behavior, Use: Translating and interpretingsocial relations between persons,and problems arising from Interpretive danceorganizational and interpersonal Use: Modern dancerelations. Interprovincial commerceUse For: Human relations Dewey: 381See Also: relations between particular groups Use For: Interstate commerceCanadaof persons or individuals, e.g. Broader Term(s): CanadaCommerceJewish-Arab relations;Parent-child relationship; etc. [to Interprovincial relationsbe added as needed] Dewey: 352.13532'