b'InterviewsUse For: CanadaInterprovincial relations Interstellar communicationRelated Term(s): Provincial governments Dewey: 621.382Use For: Extraterrestrial communication;Interracial adoption Interplanetary communication;Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Outer spaceCommunication;Dewey: 362.73 Space communication; SpaceBroader Term(s): Adoption telecommunicationRace relations Broader Term(s): Life on other planetsRelated Term(s): International adoption TelecommunicationNarrower Term(s):AstronauticsCommunicationInterracial marriage systemsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Radio astronomyDewey: 306.84Use For: Marriage, Interracial; Racial Interstellar travelintermarriage Use: Interplanetary voyagesBroader Term(s): Intermarriage Interstellar warfareInterracial relations Use: Space warfareUse: Race relations Interurban railroadsInterscholastic sports Use: Electric railroadsUse: School sports Street railroadsIntersex people Intervention (International law)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 341.5Dewey: 306.76; 599.93 Use For: Military interventionScope Note: Use for works on people who have Broader Term(s): International lawthe physical sexual characteristics of Warboth men and women. Works on Narrower Term(s):Monroe Doctrinepeople who change their physical Related Term(s): Neutralityappearance to match their gender Interviewingidentity are entered under Dewey: 158.3Transgender people. Broader Term(s): Social psychologyUse For: Hermaphrodites (Persons) Narrower Term(s):Interviewing in journalismBroader Term(s): Persons Job interviewsRelated Term(s): Intersexuality Talk showsTransgender people Related Term(s): Applied psychologyIntersexuality CounselingDewey: 306.76; 616.6 InterviewsUse For: Hermaphrodism (Biology) Interviewing for employmentBroader Term(s): SexPhysiological aspects Use: Job interviewsRelated Term(s): Intersex peopleInterstate commerce Interviewing in journalismDewey: 381 Dewey: 070.4Scope Note: Use for materials limited to Use For: Interviews (Journalism)commerce between states. General Broader Term(s): Interviewingmaterials on foreign and domestic Journalismcommerce are entered under InterviewsCommerce. Dewey: 808; 920Use For: Government regulation of Scope Note: Use for materials about interviewscommerce as a literary form and for collectionsBroader Term(s): Commerce of diverse interviews.Interstate commerceCanada See Also: subjects, ethnic groups, classes ofUse: Interprovincial commerce persons, and names of corporatebodies and individual persons withInterstate highways the subdivision Interviews, e.g.Use: Express highways533'