b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAuthorsInterviews [to be added Intuitionas needed] Dewey: 153.4Broader Term(s): Conversation Broader Term(s): PhilosophyNarrower Term(s):AuthorsInterviews PsychologyRelated Term(s): Interviewing RationalismTheory of knowledgeInterviews (Journalism) Related Term(s): PerceptionUse: Interviewing in journalism InuitInterviews, Parent-teacher Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Parent-teacher conferences Dewey: 970.004Scope Note: Use for materials on the nativeIntestacy peoples of the arctic regions ofUse: Inheritance and succession Alaska, Canada, Greenland, andIntifada, 1987-1992 eastern Siberia (Russia). The namesDewey: 956.94 of other Arctic peoples may beUse For: Arab-Israeli conflict, 1987-1992; added as needed.Israeli-Arab conflict, 1987-1992; Use For: Eskimos; Esquimaux; InnuitPalestinian uprising, 1987-1992; Broader Term(s): Indigenous peoplesPalestinian-Israeli conflict, Narrower Term(s):Igloos1987-1992 Inuit artistsBroader Term(s): Israel-Arab conflicts InuitCanadaIntifada, 2000- Dewey: 970.004Dewey: 956.94 Scope Note: Use for materials on the nativeUse For: Arab-Israeli conflict, 2000-; peoples of the Canadian Arctic whoIsraeli-Arab conflict, 2000-; call themselves Inuit. May bePalestinian uprising, 2000-; subdivided like First Nations.Palestinian-Israeli conflict, 2000- Broader Term(s): Native peoplesCanadaBroader Term(s): Israel-Arab conflicts InuitCanadaLiteratureIntimacy (Psychology) Use: Inuit literatureCanadaDewey: 158.2 InuitFolkloreBroader Term(s): Emotions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInterpersonal relations Dewey: 398Love Use For: Inuit folklorePsychology Broader Term(s): FolkloreIntolerance Inuit artistsUse: Fanaticism Dewey: 709.2; 920Toleration Broader Term(s): ArtistsIntolerance, Food InuitUse: Food intolerance Inuit folkloreIntoxicants Use: InuitFolkloreUse: Alcohol Inuit literatureCanadaAlcoholic beverages Dewey: 897Liquors Scope Note: Use for collections or materialsIntoxication about literature written in theUse: Alcoholism Inuktitut language by severalTemperance Canadian Inuit authors. Collectionsor materials about literature writtenIntranets in the English or French languagesDewey: 004.6; 651.7 by several Canadian Inuit authorsBroader Term(s): Business enterprisesComputer are entered under Canadiannetworks literatureInuit authors with thelanguage qualifier as appropriate.Use For: InuitCanadaLiterature534'