b'Jesus ChristTeachings1942-1945; World War, 1939-1945 Broader Term(s): GodChristianity CanadaEvacuation of civilian Related Term(s): ChristianityJapanese Canadians Jesus ChristArtJapanese color prints Dewey: 704.9Dewey: 769.952 Use For: Jesus ChristIconography; JesusUse For: Color prints, Japanese Christ in artBroader Term(s): Color prints Broader Term(s): Christian artJapanese language Jesus ChristBirthDewey: 495.6 Use: Jesus ChristNativityScope Note: May be subdivided like English Jesus ChristCrucifixionlanguage. Dewey: 232.96Broader Term(s): Language and languages Use For: Crucifixion of Jesus ChristJapanese languageBusiness Japanese Related Term(s): Good FridayDewey: 495.6 Jesus ChristDivinityScope Note: Business Japanese is a unique Dewey: 232subdivision for Japanese language. Use For: Divinity of Jesus ChristUse For: Business Japanese Related Term(s): TrinityJapanese paper folding Jesus ChristDramaUse: Origami Dewey: 808.82Jargon Broader Term(s): Religious dramaUse subjects and names of languages with the Jesus ChristHistoricitysubdivision Jargon, e.g. English languageDewey: 232.9Jargon [to be added as needed]Jason (Legendary character) Jesus ChristIconographyDewey: 398.22 Use: Jesus ChristArtBroader Term(s): Legendary characters Jesus ChristMessiahshipJazz ensembles Dewey: 232Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Jesus ChristNativityDewey: 784.4 Dewey: 232.92Broader Term(s): Ensembles (Music) Use For: Jesus ChristBirth; Nativity ofJazz music Jesus ChristGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): ChristmasDewey: 781.65; 782.42165 Jesus ChristParablesBroader Term(s): Music Dewey: 226.8; 232.9Narrower Term(s):GuitarsMethods (Jazz) Broader Term(s): ParablesRelated Term(s): Blues musicJesus ChristPassionJealousy Dewey: 232.96Dewey: 152.4 Use For: Passion of ChristBroader Term(s): EmotionsJesus ChristPrayersJeremiah (Biblical prophet) Dewey: 232.9Dewey: B or 92Jesus ChristPropheciesJestbooks Dewey: 232Use: ChapbooksJesus ChristResurrectionJesters Dewey: 232.9Use: Fools and jesters Use For: Resurrection of Jesus ChristJesus Christ Jesus ChristTeachingsDewey: 232 Dewey: 232.9Use For: Christ; Christology Use For: Teachings of Jesus Christ541'