b'The Use of Subdivisions in the Sears ListTo allow for a standardized formulation of many complex subjects, there are a large number oftopical and form subdivisions that may be used under a variety of subjects as needed. There areprovisions and examples for more than five hundred subdivisions in the Sears List. The List ofSubdivisions found on the following pages is meant for handy reference only. For each of thesubdivisions provided for in Sears there is also a general reference in the alphabetical List withspecific instructions as to what types of headings that subdivision can be used under.SUBDIVISIONS OF BROAD APPLICATIONSome subdivisions are of very broad application and can be used under nearly any subject heading.The following are examples of two general references for such subdivisionsone for a topicalsubdivision, Computer simulation, which is also a heading, and one for a form subdivision,Interactive multimedia, which is only a subdivision:Computer simulationSA subjects with the subdivision Computer simulation, e.g. PsychologyComputersimulation [to be added as needed]Interactive multimediaUSE subjects with the subdivision Interactive multimedia, e.g. GeologyInteractivemultimedia [to be added as needed]SUBDIVISIONS OF LIMITED APPLICATIONSome subdivisions are of limited application and can be used only under certain categories ofsubject heading. The following are examples of two general references for such subdivisionsonefor a topical subdivision, Satellites, which is also a heading, and one for a form subdivision,Facsimiles, which is only a subdivision:SatellitesSA names of planets with the subdivision Satellites, e.g. Mars (Planet)Satellites [tobe added as needed]FacsimilesUSE types of printed or written materials, documents, etc., with the subdivisionFacsimiles, e.g. AutographsFacsimiles [to be added as needed]A-59'