b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsJohn the Baptists DayQuebec (Province) subdivision Press coverage, e.g.Use: St. Jean Baptiste Day Food contaminationPressJoint custody of children coverage [to be added as needed]Use: Child custody Broader Term(s): AuthorshipPart-time parenting LiteratureNarrower Term(s):Broadcast journalismJoint ventures College and school journalismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically GossipDewey: 338.7 Interviewing in journalismBroader Term(s): Business enterprises Libel and slanderPartnership NewslettersJoints Online journalismDewey: 573.7 PhotojournalismBroader Term(s): Musculoskeletal system PressNarrower Term(s):Wrist Reporters and reportingScientific journalismJoke books Related Term(s): JournalistsUse: Jokes NewspapersPeriodicalsJokesDewey: 808.7; 808.88 JournalismCanadaScope Note: Use for collections of jokes and for Dewey: 071materials about jokes. JournalismEditingUse For: Joke books Dewey: 070.4Broader Term(s): Wit and humor Use For: Magazine editing; News editing;Narrower Term(s):Practical jokes NewspapersEditing; PeriodicalsJordanEditingDewey: 956.95 Broader Term(s): EditingScope Note: May be subdivided like United JournalismEthical aspectsStates except for History. Use: Journalistic ethicsJosei JournalismObjectivityDewey: 741.5 Dewey: 070.4Scope Note: Use for individual works, Use For: Slanted journalismcollections, or materials about Broader Term(s): Journalistic ethicsmanga for women ages 18-30.Broader Term(s): Manga Journalism, ScientificJoual Use: Scientific journalismUse: French languageQuebec Journalistic ethics(Province) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyJournaling Dewey: 070.4; 174Dewey: 808 Use For: JournalismEthical aspectsBroader Term(s): Authorship Broader Term(s): Professional ethicsDiaries Narrower Term(s):JournalismObjectivityJournalism Journalistic photographyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: PhotojournalismDewey: 070.4 JournalistsScope Note: Use for materials on writing for the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyperiodical press or on journalism as Dewey: 070.92; 920an occupation. Materials limited to Use For: Columniststhe history, organization, and See Also: names of wars with the subdivisionmanagement of newspapers are Journalists, e.g. World War,entered under Newspapers. 1939-1945Journalists [to beSee Also: types of journalism, e.g. Scientific added as needed]journalism; and topics with the Broader Term(s): Authors546'