b'JudaismRelationsIslamNarrower Term(s):World War, 1939-1945Use For: Jewish customs; Jewish life; JewsJournalistsCustoms; JewsRites andRelated Term(s): Journalism ceremonies; JewsRitualJournals Broader Term(s): Rites and ceremoniesNarrower Term(s):Bar mitzvahUse: Periodicals Bat mitzvahJournals (Diaries) JudaismDietary lawsUse: Diaries SederRelated Term(s): JudaismLiturgyJourneys JudaismDietary lawsUse: TravelVoyages and travels Dewey: 296.7Use For: JewsDietary laws; KashrutJoy and sorrow Broader Term(s): JudaismCustoms andDewey: 152.4 practicesUse For: Affliction; Sorrow Related Term(s): Kosher foodBroader Term(s): Emotions JudaismDoctrinesNarrower Term(s):PleasureRelated Term(s): Grief Dewey: 296.3Happiness Use For: Jewish doctrines; Jewish theologySuffering Broader Term(s): Doctrinal theologyJudaism JudaismLiturgyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 296.4Dewey: 296 Scope Note: Use for materials on the forms ofUse For: Jewish religion; JewsReligion public worship in Judaism.See Also: names of Jewish sects, e.g. Materials on Jewish religiousHasidism [to be added as needed] practices in general are enteredBroader Term(s): Religions under JudaismCustoms andNarrower Term(s):AtonementJudaism practices. Materials on JewishCabala social customs are entered underChristianityRelationsJewsSocial life and customs.Judaism Use For: Jewish liturgies; JewsRitualHasidism Broader Term(s): LiturgiesIslamRelationsJudaism Related Term(s): JudaismCustoms andJewish holidays practicesJudaismRelationsJudaismPrayersChristianity Dewey: 296.4JudaismRelationsIslam Use For: SiddurimMysticismJudaism Broader Term(s): PrayersRabbisSabbath JudaismRelationsChristianityTalmud Dewey: 261.2; 296.3Related Term(s): Jews Scope Note: Use for materials on the relationsSynagogues between Judaism and Christianity.JudaismCustoms and practices When assigning this heading,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically provide an additional subject entryDewey: 296.4 under ChristianityRelations Scope Note: Use for materials on Jewish Judaism.religious practices in general. Use For: Christian-Jewish relations;Materials on the forms of public Christianity and other religions worship in Judaism are entered Judaism; Jewish-Christian relationsunder JudaismLiturgy. Broader Term(s): Christianity and other religionsMaterials on Jewish social customs Judaismare entered under JewsSocial JudaismRelationsIslamlife and customs. Dewey: 296.3547'