b'Juvenile prostitutionUse For: Community colleges; Two-year Justice League (Fictional characters)colleges Dewey: 741.5Broader Term(s): Colleges and universities Broader Term(s): Fictional charactersHigher education SuperheroesJunior collegesDirectories Justice, Administration ofDewey: 378.1 Use: Administration of justiceBroader Term(s): Directories Juvenile courtsJunior high school libraries Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: High school libraries Dewey: 345Use For: Childrens courtsJunior high schools Broader Term(s): CourtsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Juvenile delinquencyDewey: 373.236 ProbationUse For: Secondary schools Juvenile delinquencyBroader Term(s): High schools Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPublic schools Dewey: 364.36Schools Use For: Delinquency, Juvenile; JuvenileRelated Term(s): Middle schools delinquentsSecondary education Broader Term(s): CrimeJunk Social problemsUse: Waste products Narrower Term(s):GangsJuvenile prostitutionJunk bonds School violenceDewey: 332.63 Related Term(s): Child welfareUse For: High-yield junk bonds Emotionally disturbed childrenBroader Term(s): Bonds Juvenile courtsJunk in space ReformatoriesUse: Space debris TeenagersDrug useYouthDrug useJupiter (Planet) Juvenile delinquencyCase studiesDewey: 523.45 Dewey: 364.3Broader Term(s): PlanetsJurisprudence Juvenile delinquentsUse: Law Use: Juvenile delinquencyJurisprudence, Medical Juvenile dramaUse: Medical jurisprudence Use subjects and names with the subdivision Juveniledrama, e.g. ChristmasJuvenile drama [to beJurists added as needed]Use: Lawyers Juvenile fictionJury Use subjects and names with the subdivision JuvenileGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically fiction, e.g. ChristmasJuvenile fiction [to beDewey: 345; 347 added as needed]Use For: Trial by jury Juvenile literatureBroader Term(s): Courts Use: Childrens literatureCriminal lawJustice Juvenile poetryDewey: 340 Use subjects and names with the subdivision JuvenileBroader Term(s): Ethics poetry, e.g. ChristmasJuvenile poetry [to beLaw added as needed]Virtue Juvenile prostitutionNarrower Term(s):Social justice Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Fairness Dewey: 176; 306.74; 362.7; 363.4; 364.1549'